Social Comparison, Two-sided Sword That We Should Be Careful To

If we keep comparing ourselves to other people when we do the same effort as them but they gain much more, that’s where social comparison is killing us slowly but sure. That is the background why people feeling envy toward others. Besides that, when this occurs, we tend to blame ourselves of our own capability or blame the destiny that is unfair. When this occurs on and on, our self-esteem definitely will be devastated. We will not have any confidence in doing anything because we always compare ourselves to someone higher than us and we don’t even think about how far progress that we make until now.

By knowing how good and bad social comparison can be, hopefully we can know ourselves more and use social comparison wisely when we need it. If we can use it in an appropriate way, social comparison can be very helpful, on the contrary, if we can’t use it in an appropriate way, we will go down to the bottom of desperation of our life. So, live your life and use every single feature of our psychological aspect appropriately to help ourselves, hopefully we can spread it and help others who also experience the same kind of thing as us.

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