So this is 30.

So this is 30.

I remember watching 13 going on 30 back in 2004 when it came out! I loved that movie, remember her wish? 30 flirty and thriving! Well…In 10 days from now I will be 30 and I am not flirty and thus far not thriving. You have to laugh because when we are young we think 20 is old, 30 is old, 40 is old…. We also do not believe time can touch us, as a youth we feel invisible to time, we will be young forever! Time does catch up and in each stage of our life, we have to stop and reflect. I am honored if you are reading this, I know a part of you will feel connected to my story and that is why I am shaking off the dust of my past, breaking free from my cocoon, rolling up my sleeves and reaching for the stars in hopes my dreams will come true. So, at 30, what were your dreams? What have you learned? How have you grown into the person you are now? Reflection is neccessary for us to evolve and become ourselves, without the daily influences that seem to bleed into our conciousness. If you are a writer, I ask for feedback, if you are a reader, I ask for your feedback, thoughts, experience. We are all connected, a part of my words resonates with you and if it does and this helps you then apart of me has been fullified. More than ever we have to break down the barriers and speak out, be raw, let your true self talk! My dreams is to be a writer, they say it is never too late to achieve your goals. This is my first step and to be honest, I am terrified. I told my ego to step aside and I leaped into the unkown. My wish at 30 is to keep writing and be raw and honest about my experiences in hopes it will help others. More to come and more to share. For now, I say I am very happy to be 30 and am very excited for the future!

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