So-Called ‘Life’

So Called Life

So-Called ‘Life’

Staring at the horizon I think,

What fate has in store for me?

What I expected life to be,

What it turned out to me.

Happiness seems like a far-fetched dream.

Grief is all I remember feeling.

I toss and turn on the bed at night,

Till rays of dawn come into my sight.

I greet everyone with a brittle smile,

Shadowing the emptiness I feel inside.

I laugh with my friends when we meet,

‘Cause when I’m alone, tears are what my heart keeps.

And, all I want is freedom,

From this so-called ‘life’.

‘Cause I wanna stop what I feel inside,

‘Cause I no longer have what I called life.

Only if it were all that easy…

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