Snake 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

Snake 2018 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

There will be quite a few “enemies” within your normal circle of friends or family members. Tread cautiously in whatever one is doing during this period and try not to lose one’s temper. Think twice and avoid making hasty decisions.


Snake horoscope 2018 horoscope by date of birth

Year of the Fire Snake: 1977 (Feb. 18, 1977 – Feb. 06, 1978)

There may be some financial problems. You must handle money wisely. Plan your budget before you spend. There may be some troubles falling upon you so be careful. Be more attentive to your partner’s health. Salaried workers will face problems in their work, handle them calmly. In the meantime, a busy work schedule is unavoidable.


Year of the Wood Snake: 1965 (Feb. 02, 1965 – Jan. 20, 1966)

Wealth luck is good but love luck is not on your side. Income is still acceptable and there will be lots of chances for you to gain wealth. There may be problems for couples, handle them carefully. Just try to give in more to others and everything will be fine. In the beginning of the month, health won’t be that good. Be more attentive to your partner’s health problems.


Year of the Water Snake: 1953 (Feb. 14, 1953 – Feb. 02, 1954)

Luck is not on your side. Avoid investments and do not become addicted to gambling. Income will not be smooth for you. You must use it wisely. Health luck is normal. Beware of what you eat. Be more attentive to health, avoid getting sick, eat less spicy and salty food. Use a lucky amulet to increase your luck.


Year of the Metal Snake: 1941 (Jan. 27, 1941 – Feb. 14, 1942)

You must not be too aggressive. Maintain a calm mood, as it is good for health. A morning stroll is good but does not do too many strenuous exercises. Harmony in your family is the most important thing. When helping others, you must know your own limit, especially regarding money. Never be a guarantor and avoid gossips. Prevent quarrels from happening. Try to give in more to the others.


Year of the Earth Snake: 1989 (Feb. 06, 1989 – Jan. 26, 1990)

Students will come through with flying colors in their results. Do not be too proud of it. Outdoors activities are tiring you, never allow yourself to become overtired. You may get injured easily, be careful.


Quick Facts about people born in the Year of the Snake

The Snake is the enigmatic seducer, charming your senses by their irresistible beauty and inborn wisdom. Graceful and soft-spoken with excellent manners, most people are hopelessly in love with the snake.

On the opposing side, once the Snake has found her partner in life she becomes jealous and possessive over him… Even if he no longer loves her. He is determined to follow through with anything she undertakes (getting his suitor) to the bitter end even if it means lying and deceiving to get what she wants.

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Snake 2018 Chinese Horoscope And Feng Shui Predictions

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