How Smiling Can Help You Live A Healthier And Happier Life

How Smiling Can Help You Live A Healthier And Happier Life

6 Tips for Smiling More

While steps one through three above provide everything you will need to challenge yourself to smile more, here are some other tips to help you:

  • Don’t look strange. Make your smiles natural, warm, and sincere. You are simply trying to maintain an elevated mood. Even just a small, almost unnoticeable smile can alter your mood.
  • Smile every time you think of it, not only when you encounter your cue for smiling.
  • Think of something you really like when you smile — it will lead to sincere smiling. Think of your favourite vacation spot, driving a brand new car, or a good friend.
  • Take a deep breath while you are smiling. This will help lessen any stress you have and give you a moment to enjoy your smiling exercise. A deep breath or two increases the relaxation and mood-enhancing the power of smiling.
  • Place notes and reminders of this skill throughout your world to remind you to smile more. Put a note on the phone, send yourself an email message, or make a note on your calendar. Make sure that you have plenty of reminders to do this exercise more often. Eventually, it will become a habit (and one of your most healthy ones).

Try Laughing, Too

Taking smiling to the next level means laughing. Figure out a way that you can laugh more this week. You don’t simply want to be amused — you want to be laughing out loud.

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Laughing out loud, much like smiling, creates an emotional state that relieves stress and lifts your mood.5 Search for things to laugh about every day this week. Read jokes, watch movies, and talk to funny people. Think of the funniest stories you know and tell one each day this week.

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Written By Mark Stibich, PhD
Originally Appeared On Verywell Mind
Republished with permission.
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How Smiling Can Help You Live A Healthier And Happier Life
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How Smiling Can Help You Live A Healthier And Happier Life
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