Sleepover: Zodiac Edition

Sleepover Zodiac Edition

Sleepover: Zodiac Edition

Aries: That sounds fun! “gets under the bed”.

Taurus: Okay but, can we go back to sleep?

Gemini: I am under the bed.

Cancer: You guys, please be quiet, my mom’s gonna hear us.

Leo: What the actual f-….

Virgo: “Glares* yes, thanks a lot.

Libra: Shhhh, I need at least 10 hours of my beauty sleep.

Scorpio: (outside, peeping through the window): Be silent.

Sagittarius: Is anyone awake?

Capricorn: Dude, shut up.

Aquarius: What is the meaning of life?

Pisces: Turn the lights on. I can’t find Gemini!


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