Sleep Paralysis: Astral Demons And Witch Wars

sleep paralysis


YES, these scary creatures you see are real. They are actually astral demons and vampiric entities. That’s why we have protection rites all over our magazine.

YES, these entities try to suck your energy either you’re sleeping or not.

NO, this is not what causes the paralysis. You are just transiting between sleep conditions. It’s a hypnagogic state EXTREMELY useful.

YES, thanks to your higher awareness due to sleep paralysis, you are able to recognize these creatures.

YES, you are safe! Especially when in sleep paralysis or while astral traveling you are more protected than usual because you are more aware of your spiritual self and you can conjure powers from your Guardian Angel.

Witchy Solution: In order to protect yourself from these entities, one needs to place a silver dime under his/her pillow. Silver is believed to keep vampiric demons away.

In conclusion Sleep Paralysis is safe and the doorway to the Astral Plane.

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Sleep Paralysis: Astral Demons And Witch Wars

4 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis: Astral Demons And Witch Wars”

  1. I have had sleep paralysis off and on for most of my life. My sister has experienced it and also our uncle. Mine only happened to me during a daytime nap. It was always extremely terrifying!

  2. I’ve had sleep paralysis for over 40 years. I can experience it any time of the day, anywhere. It was afternoon and I was sitting with my family in the living room and I had sleep paralysis. It’s not just at night.

  3. I live with sleep paralysis since I’m 8 or 9 years old. Now I’m 40, and I suffer it during the daytime too…
    Just to share a bit more of information

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