Sleep Paralysis. Legends, Dangers and Magic

 September 12, 2018

Sleep Paralysis. Legends, Dangers and Magic

These hypnagogic states, were always useful in Witchcraft, as we have managed to isolate our senses, paralyzed our material bodies in order to have full access to our magical potential and astral energy. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ can be caused with Hypnosis as it’s such a powerful state of awareness. In fact, deep meditation tries to imitate this state.

As previously discussed in our article on Astral Projection “…the Truth though is that, Sleep Paralysis is only a step before Astral Projection. While in Sleep Paralysis, your body is totally relaxed but the Astral Body is activated. Thus your magical and psychic powers are on alert identifying entities and creatures around you of the same essence, the astral essence. Of course it comes naturally to get scared by a negative entity, therefore, wake up and remember what you’ve experienced in the state of Sleep Paralysis.”

In other words, sleep paralysis is much more common. You are just more capable of remembering a scary experience rather than a relaxing one.



YES, these scary creatures you see are real. They are actually astral demons and vampiric entities. That’s why we have protection rites all over our magazine.
YES, these entities try to suck your energy either you’re sleeping or not.
NO, this is not what causes the paralysis. You are just transiting between sleep conditions. It’s a hypnagogic state EXTREMELY useful.
YES, thanks to your higher awareness due to sleep paralysis, you are able to recognize these creatures.
YES, you are safe! Especially when in sleep paralysis or while astral traveling you are more protected than usual because you are more aware of your spiritual self and you can conjure powers from your Guardian Angel.

Witchy Solution: In order to protect yourself from these entities, one needs to place a silver dime under his/her pillow. Silver is believed to keep vampiric demons away.

In conclusion Sleep, Paralysis is safe and the doorway to the Astral Plane.


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Sleep Paralysis. Legends, Dangers and Magic

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