Six Sigma for LIFE!

The improvement plan is designed to mitigate the risk and includes satisfaction. With the formation of improvement action plan, implementation plan starts simultaneously. During implementation, actions are carried out, tested for effectiveness and implemented finally.


The main objective of this plan is to generate a detailed solution monitoring plan. This plan ensures that the required hygiene in life is maintained. It defines and validates the personality system, develops standards and immune system of personality, verifies thoughts and profit growths.Hence, the main purpose of Control phase is to ensure – Holding the LIFE. During this plan, post-implementation results are evaluated.

Progress is ascertained and changes are incorporated – if any, correction or modification is required. Control phase in most of the cases is a transition phase. The most important part of this plan is to accepting and experimenting new changes to new born life.

Six sigma methodology is used predominantly to get rid of defects and improve operational efficiency. It aims at reducing defects by reducing variations in set lifestyles. At its core, the purpose of Six Sigma is to measure and eliminate defects in HEART & MIND and personality development.

Six Sigma is a management methodology but can be used to improve lifestyle as well. This allows individuals to use plans to eliminate defects in any life.


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