Six Sigma for LIFE!

In corporate Lean Six Sigma is a process for solving a problem. It consists of five basic phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. This process is also known as DMAIC. The Six Sigma DMAIC process.

I invented that we can implement and use this process within life too, problem solving, helping planning future, finding 25th Hour (as in my book available on Amazon.In). This will surely help us to create an improvement system for existing life style which we see is negative / non productive with specification and will bring us step closer to improvement.

Let us understand each process and implement within life to solve the mystery! Lets understand what exactly each word in process means and assist us.

Below is step forward-

DEFINE the problem. Craft a problem statement, personal requirement, and life map.

MEASURE the current lifestyle. Collect thoughts on current wishes and problems. …

ANALYZE the cause of problem. …

IMPROVE the way you are living by analyzing. …


Let’s understand each step in detail as explained following –


The main objective of this step is to summarize the life plan. This step focuses on clearly specifying the problems; the goals of the life improvement plan. An input to this step comes from the voice of HEART (VOH), the voice of MIND (VOM) and/ or the voice of SOUL (VOS). In addition, sometimes the voice of Heart (VOH) is also effective to lead some six sigma life improvement plans. With the help of these inputs, six sigma plans for life are identified.

In this plan, we identify opportunity for six sigma plan. The main heartbeat of this plan is preparing Life Plan. Life plan is a thought process, which will be an initial blueprint for any six sigma plan for life.

Plan will contain as below: Case Study: It helps to understand how the plan is linked to the overall life objectives.

Problem Statement: describes the problem or issue, this plan is intended for.

Goal Statement: defines the plan goal Plan outcome: This considers in and out for this plan for life. It defines the plan boundary.

Team & their broad responsibilities: Project team description along with their responsibilities and roles during the project.

Time plan: Also, known as milestones. It ensures to keep a track on plan progress as scheduled. Estimated plan benefits: *lan benefits need to be estimated as a what you will achieve in end of using this technology in your life; what all goals are measured and will be complete, both tangible & intangible are speculated. This gives a direction to Mind & Heart..


The main purpose of this plan is to collect the scope of work – list down line items which you want to cover in this Six Sigma for Life that is relevant to the scope of the self awareness. Decide Thought Collection plan outlines what thought to be collected? When to be collected? Who will collect? Hence, sets overall direction for thought collection disturbing heart and mind both. After thought collection, thoughts are analyzed to ascertain its nature through frequency of disturbance.

The simple way of doing it – write down on piece of paper from 10 to 1 (1 being priority or critical thought) can be used to understand the disturbance level of thoughts. Depending upon thought nature – Normal or Non – Normal, thought- analysis level can be decided.


The main objective of this step is to find the root cause of inefficiency in life. It identifies the gaps between heart and mind performance, determine its causes and opportunities for its improvement. Analyze plan follows a drill down approach to reach exact root causes from various potential causes identified initially.

This step starts with exploring all possible causes to the main problem. Then, these causes are verified & validated through self-awareness & self-love. The outcome of this plan is verified root causes – which need to be acted upon to improve the lifestyle. Analyze plan requires due care to identify & verify root causes. Because the effectiveness of process improvement through six sigma for life lies on the correct identification of root causes.


This step improves the lifestyle by determining potential solutions, ways to implement them, test and implement them for improvement. In this plan, plan owners are consulted and improvements are suggested. Action plan for the improvement is circulated. This action plan specifies – Action to be taken; By when By whom etc.

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