A strong Family is a place we enter for comfort, development and regeneration, a place from which we go forth renewed & charged with power of positive feeling. Love is the best investment.




  1. Appreciation:


Feeling appreciated by others is basic human need. So start appreciating – think in Positive way. Look at what we have, rather than what we lack.


  1. Commitment:


  • Investment of Time, Energy, Spirit and Love
  • Promoting each others welfare & happiness
  • Work demands time, energy and attention & if not given productivity report will affect life for a few days/weeks. No doubt, it is important but family relations are more important. If you are a good father – your grand children too will have a good father.


  1. Communication:


Good communication helps to create a sense of belonging and eases frustrations as well as crisis. It does not happen – It usually takes time & practice. Casual conversations unfold & clear up misunderstandings.


  1. Coping with Crisis:


Problems are everywhere. But ability to surmount life’s problems – inevitable challenges when they arise. Don’t you think that positive thinking, skill in   communication, spiritual recourses, adaptability provide shock absorbs for coping with crisis?


  1. Spiritual Wellness:


 It is caring center within each of us that promotes sharing, love & compassion for others. Spiritual dimension in daily life – certain values, honesty, responsibility & tolerance, elevates you.


  1. Time Together:


  • Nor money, nor car, nor even fancy homes make good families but doing things together.


  • Spend lot of time together – working, playing, singing, dancing, listening, walking, smiling, laughing, gardening, attending religious services & eating meals together & so on so forth.




 1. Avoid Confrontations – In it even the winner is a loser.


  1. Balance work & family life – Family also needs your time


  1. Everybody cannot be a captain – Somebody has to be the crew


  1. Do not give your Teenagers a hard time every now & then – only take a stand on truly important issues.


  1. Do not worry about changing things that are beyond your control.


  1. Ensure that you have good communication with children / younger difficult it is, but not impossible.


  1. Do not permit little things to disturb your mind.


  1. You cannot be happy without making someone else happy.

 Maintain a balanced state of mind.

  • Maintain faith in the higher process .




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