The Dangers of Sitting: 12 Health Risks Of Sitting All Day Backed By Science

all day dangers of sitting health risk

3. Atlas vertebra

That’s the vertebra that holds your cranium up. That’s what keeps your head in the position it stays in.

Keep doing that nine hours a day and you will face issues.

4. Ball and socket joint issues

Example your hips and shoulders. Those sitting all day will lose their all-over flexibility and moving abilities

They will face more friction because that’s what happens when you don’t use a machine too often.

5. Brain

Believe it or not, when you work out your body just utilizes more energy as a whole. And 20% of all energy is taken by the brain. So there might be, contrary to popular belief, a correlation between muscle power and brainpower.

When you are sitting too long and don’t use your muscles much, your body reduces its oxygen intake as a whole. The brain suffers the most in the process as you sit and sit and sit some more. This is one of the biggest dangers of sitting!

Also, there is something called brain fog that you might have noticed. This is the slight slowing of brain function after a long day sitting, staring at the screen.

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6. Swayback

This is something serious and most common among corporate employees sitting all day at a desk. This is an unnatural overextension of the spine. Moreover flexibility is lost over time as the abs have literally no work to do. They lose their natural tendency to contract and relax.

This makes it difficult to do a number of things, among them having sex; we all know it is quite a physical activity. If your body isn’t prepared you might hurt yourself doing the dance with no pants.

7. Pancreatic function

Increases way too much than it should, when you are sitting too long. This is because cells not working do not use insulin. But the pancreas do not take no for an answer. They keep on pumping.

This can cause insulin tolerance.

8. Muscle degeneration

When muscles do not get enough work, lactic acid accumulation happens rapidly in the cells. This causes not only acute or chronic pain but in the long run, also causes degeneration of muscle cells which wither away thanks to sitting too long.

9. Loose abs

Believe it or not but your abs hold your upper body up. Continued sitting all day at one place makes them soft and mushy.

This is what causes the swayback of the arch of the spine.

10. Colon cancer

This is one of the worst dangers of sitting for very long time. Yes, you read that right. Studies have linked bad posture and inactivity with a higher probability of colon cancer. This is probably because of the free radicals that accumulate in the body thanks to sitting all day and inactivity.

11. Glutes

What you call your butt. They lose their shape because of sitting too long at work. They become softer and you tend to lose your stride over time.

12. Other issues

Heart disease, sluggish blood flow, lesser thyroxine, lethargy, diabetes thanks to the sluggish heart rate, you name it. Inactivity is a slow poison. An ideal body too is the devil’s workshop.

Your legs, which help you right from the moment you wake up, suffer a great deal too. One common issue is that tissue fluid accumulates in the muscle tissues causing pain. And that pain takes a huge amount of time to heal completely. Your joints get weaker too, crackling every time you move an inch.

It is no surprise that osteoporosis is a huge deal in today’s world and middle-aged people get affected by it. Again, the reason is the lack of circulation because of inactivity.

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Shocked Enough To The Dangers Of Sitting All Day?

Are you thinking that the paycheck’s a big motivation?

Well brother, what good will it do if you get a heart attack? Or if diabetes causes a failed kidney?

You can’t chew money, can you if your stomach gives way.

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