Sinking Faith

Sinking Faith

Rebuked by her mom, she decides to introduce herself ‘She is ajar for commitment’. Scrolling by the pages, she pause by you. Finding things in common, she decides to halt by you. Confused you said, still she determined to wait for you. As the time marched past by, she gathered the valour and enquired if they can together last for ever. Loosing hopes all in vain she resolves at moving ahead.

A call by you at the dawn of new year was nothing less than a thunderbolt for her. The hopes illuminated again but this time she was scared instead ecstatic. One by one as the days passed and each day so distinct by the other. She realized a sense of purity and simplicity in you. Beholding so deep, strength and hope unbound. She admires at your brilliance which is so unique, brushed with experience and superiority. Conversing through distance unmeasured, she trys to find out comfort and ease in your sometimes witless humour.

Yet, deep in the heart she is uncertain. There’s a inner turmoil which is keeping her still away from believing. Whether the leap that finally she decided to take will never make her fall. She’s an old soul while you are so perfect in every aspect. She ponders if she really fits the match.

Yes, you made her fear real. She trusted on every word of yours. You polluted her soul. What she felt for you was so pure and true. And you never took a second thought to crush her soul. She has gone through so much, but this pain was killing her. This silence was killing her. You have no idea what you have done to her. The smile that she beared in her face has now completely gone. The believe that she started to carter in relation has now shattered.

If you could only answer. Why you made her to go through all this when she was never in your mind. Is this a way how you treat a girl because she carries some ordinary values. You preach about humanity and didn’t dearth to give respect to a human, just because she’s a girl. Or being a man you are privileged enough to play with the emotions and hurt her feelings.

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