How To Be Single Without Being Lonely


Best of all, we are not lonely. While we each have our own wing in the home and can be alone when we want to, we spend time together each day, sharing. We frequently find humor in everyday things, and we often find ourselves laughing till it hurts.

Young people who help us on the ranch, especially young women, invariably say, “This is how I want to live when I get older. I’ve told my best friend how you live, and we’ve decided this is what we want later in life.” Romantic relationships are not the only way to be happy in life.

You may even find that you’re happier without them. No matter the outcome, being open to finding happiness in places you might not have expected gives you a much better chance of finding it.

Love comes in many forms, but all of them soothe loneliness.

Written by Dr. Margaret Paul
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How To Be Single Without Being Lonely

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