Why is it Wrong to be Single by Choice?

Why is it Wrong to be Single by Choice?

My mother presents this idea of my current single love live as being wrong or incorrect. With attempts at forcing a counselor into my life to discuss my unavailable emotions and impossible feelings of affection.

The average woman in my College environment seems to crave the basic idea of romance. My peers become depressed for an entire week when the recent “sex with rando” did not evolve into a monogamous relationship as they hoped it would. What irritates me the most is the fact that neither of you even knew each other… How could you let this random irrelevant person effect your life negatively for a whole week.

In my eyes the, the idea of being submerged in a romantic relationship does not equal or define success? Why am I constantly surrounded with the meaning behind a functioning couple as the idea of this individual having “made it”.

I have many nights out, meet many random future potentials yet do not seem to have that urgent drive to dive directly into a relationship. Typically I am “talking” to a different guy every two weeks but tend to become bored once I get to know them.

Why should a “successful romance”, define my successful life?

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  1. Nothing is wrong with anyone’s choice, no choice is right or wrong. You have a right to express life as you choose is best for you, as does all life. Do not fall for the programmed thoughts of others about how you should be or how you should live your life. Stay centred within and you will know how it should be and all things will happen as they should.

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