Singed and Spinning From Gaslighting: An Emotional Abuse Weapon Of Extreme Narcissists

 January 23, 2017

Survivors of narcissistic abuse can and do heal from the effects of gaslighting and cognitive dissonance by embarking on a journey of self-care which includes going No Contact with their abuser, entering psychotherapy with a skilled and trained trauma-informed therapist who understands narcissistic abuse recovery, and working through the traumatic grief associated with narcissistic abuse. Recovery also involves connecting with a trusted support circle and developing safe, healing relationships, in addition to practicing self-soothing exercises to release trauma (yoga, expressive arts, etc). Recovery is multi-faceted and also includes restoring self-worth and investing in present and future goals. With qualified help, survivors heal and move forward to reach a place of balance and restoration of their emotional health and wellness.

*please note that the survivor of narcissistic abuse can be either male or female, as can the abuser. *

Contributed by Andrea Schneider

13 comments on “Singed and Spinning From Gaslighting: An Emotional Abuse Weapon Of Extreme Narcissists

  1. It’s very insidious. I called my ex narcopath out on this and whilst I’d seen the old movie, I’d never heard of the term ‘gaslighting’ and said that he was ”gaslamping” me…talk about my intuition screaming out!

    • That is the goal of the pathological abuser…but you know that you are not…now that hopefully you have No Contact and are recovering from the cognitive dissonance that happens as a result of gaslighting…. Andrea

  2. Sounds like my ex’s so called best friend. Ruined more than just our relationship. I’m sure there were others. And my ex keeps going back for reassurance and security…right to the last person she should and believed her, despite proof. Sad, frustrating, heart breaking.

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