10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life For Good

Habits Change Your Life For Good

Take out at least 15 minutes a day to get connected to your inner voice, and your inner soul.

7. Taking out time for a hobby. 

Don’t you think many times we do not pay attention to our hobbies due to our tedious and busy schedules? Being a busy student, being a busy businessman, being a busy housewife, and being busy working folks in general, we often forget to justify the talents that lie within us. With time, we end up suppressing them.

But you should let them pop out. Give some time to your talents and hobbies. Spending time on our hobbies is as good as spending time with our soul.

So are you ready to play your guitar after a long gap?

Let’s get started then 🙂

8. Giving gifts to yourself. 

I tell my secret of being motivated. I was consistently failing in my exams for more than 7 attempts. But I remember I used to give myself a tiny gift each time just to keep myself motivated.

The failure phase is not permanent, so lift up your mood with some self-appreciation. Give yourself a gift on your victories and your special days. Do not wait until someone will come and appreciate you by gifting you something.

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9. Trying to fight all alone.

This sounds weird, right?

We always need someone around us to fight with our problems. We rely on our folks by thinking that they will fight with us and our problems together. But most of the time we end up fighting all alone. And it is really good to be self-reliant in this case.

Of course, we need to take guidance and advice to cope in a better way but expecting others to solve our issues and problems is like a fairy tale.

So train your mind for this instead of training it to rely on others in your hard times. The way we feel responsible and accountable for our success allows us to be more responsible and accountable for failures as well.

10. Stamping in mind “It is ok to be messy and imperfect”.

Half of our life we spend in proving ourselves, making ourselves perfect, being tidy, etc. But it sounds boring, right? Just tell your mind it is ok not to achieve all these things!

Trying to make ourselves perfect and ideal drains a lot of our energy and it also frustrates us when we see that we could not match up to our own expectations.

Tell yourself I am perfect with my imperfections. Accept your flaws and cherish them. Tell your mind it is ok to fail as failure is a part of life.

We never like to read a story of successful people who never struggled and became successful, right? So self-acceptance matters a lot for self-love.

These seem very simple things to do but if you make each one your habit It changes your life gradually. You will experience more contentment than ever before.

And even if nobody likes you or loves you there will be always a person who will love you from the bottom of their heart.

You know who that person is.  😉

I hope this article would help you to understand your soul. 🙂

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10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life For Good

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