Silent Break up

Driving in the middle of the night; an empty road completely bright.

The streets that shine with moonlight.

Cool breeze entering the car fills her with delight.

She is happy to meet her love, her life.

She arrives at her destination and to her surprise.

All her dreams ended in no time.

The sight of him kissing and lying in another woman’s lap, destroyed her within.

As he sees her, he is traumatized, he runs to explain and justify.

He held her hands and prayed to listen.

Silently withdrawing her hands, she left.

No questions, no drama, not a word she said.

He called and texted for days and months, soon turned years.

Her silence troubled him from within.

They both settled themselves in work.

Years passed by and finally, they meet.

She’s dressed in white and wears a ring.

As he moves closer to see, he was mesmerised by her beauty.

Knowing not what to say, he looked away.

She thanked him enough for what he did that night which led her to Mr Right.

Wishing her luck he walked away.

As he reached the end of the aisle, turning to see her smile.

He saw her being kissed by her husband which was a painful sight.

As tears rolled his eyes, taking him down the memory lane.

That’s when he realised;

“Never to hurt anyone, as it’s difficult to live in shame”.

-Maria Fernandes

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