Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

The morning sun reflects over the night’s snowfall,

glaring into the motel room.

Mascara smeared eyes open to the unstoppable gloom.

The unapologetic smell of urine and sex

burn dry nostrils, forcing reality.

The night’s lust had muted the abnormalities.

Fishnet stockings on the dingy carpet

pulled on in a rush- 

no longer controlled by lust like a lush.

A joint shared,  a few laughs and

lies told.  Dropped off at your door.

Lonely drive home for a narcissist’s whore.

Tears freezing to skin, unstoppable regret,

self-loathing, knowing that silence

will be earned in the months hence.

-By Tricia Lynn

1 thought on “Silent Treatment”

  1. Wow, this is very great writing and it gives that real feeling of shame and regret- I feel ur pain and anyone could relate in so many ways if they’ve ever felt this bad before over the giving in to who you know would not give the same good grace or oneself to you!

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