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Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment

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The morning sun reflects over the night’s snowfall,

glaring into the motel room.

Mascara smeared eyes open to the unstoppable gloom.

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The unapologetic smell of urine and sex

burn dry nostrils, forcing reality.

The night’s lust had muted the abnormalities.

Fishnet stockings on the dingy carpet

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pulled on in a rush- 

no longer controlled by lust like a lush.

A joint shared,  a few laughs and

lies told.  Dropped off at your door.

Lonely drive home for a narcissist’s whore.

Tears freezing to skin, unstoppable regret,

self-loathing, knowing that silence

will be earned in the months hence.

-By Tricia Lynn

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    Tricia Lynn
    Tricia Lynn was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and has lived there most of her adult life. After turning fifty in 2019, Tricia decided to create a second act for herself. She left her career in medical administration to pursue her passion for writing, art, and a life with less stress. She's a creative mother of two adult sons. Triston, the youngest, is the owner of Vittorio Visualz. Together, the two of them love to explore their city by taking road trips. Tricia writes the stories and her son takes the photographs. When she's not behind the wheel on a road trip, you can find her hard at work on her lifestyle blog - Live, Create, Tell the Story.
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