10 Signs You’re Truly In Love With Your Partner And Not Just The Idea Of Them

Tell- tale signs you are truly in love with your partner.

Love is the most complex of all emotions that human experiences. Not because it is formed of some otherworldly matter, but because it’s formed in our minds and keeping science away- in our hearts — and our minds are incredibly complex.

There isn’t any explanation for love, depending on the intensity it can be a language, a dream or mere feeling of affection. I won’t try to explain the idea of love here as that could take nights and hundreds of pages.

The affection we feel is not always for the person, sometimes it just for the idea of who they are. Our perception here plays a major role, often what we see in a person is not what they really are but what we perceive them to be or want them to be. And there is a big difference between loving someone and loving the perception of who they are or who you want them to be.

10 Signs you’re truly In Love with Your Partner and Not Just the Idea of them

1. You make up excuses to spend more time together

You feel at home whenever you’re together regardless of where you are. You throw off your sleep schedule and make other sacrifices of things that need to be done just to spend time with them.

Finally, when you crave to get ‘home’ from work, the home is a person and not a place. You find a solace in their presence, the kind of solace an infant found in its mother’s embrace.

The comfort and peace take you back to childhood where your bedroom seemed heavenly. You just want to be there, melt in their arms.


2. You strive to make yourself and them a better person.

When you’re in love, you put in efforts to become a better person, a person worthy of their love in return.

Also, you push your partner to excel, to become the best version of themselves. You have their back and through rough times you are there holding their hands. You’re constantly encouraging and supporting them to pursue their dreams and goals.

You are always there cheering for them and taking pride in their accomplishments and you’re always there to hold them when they fall, in a nutshell, you’re always there trying to push them to excel and bring the best in them.


3. You are content with your relationship.

You don’t go on comparing your relationship with other peoples’.

You no longer care about what other relationships are like, you are happy with what you have and are too busy enjoying to be concerned with inside dealing of other relationships.

There is no point in comparing your relationship with others; you are finally living in the wonders and excitement of your own love life.


4. You have left the past behind.

Often people tend to carry emotional baggage from the previous relationship. Many times they get into a relationship looking for escape from the hurts and pains of the previous relationship.

If you have left the past behind and hopped on this train to begin a new journey you sure in love with your partner. A relationship in which one of the partners is carrying the baggage from the past relationship is bound to suffer a disastrous fate.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.In search of truth.
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