9 Signs You’re Not In Love With Your Partner

signs youre not in love with partner

7. Your relationship is meaningless

Being with your partner feels like an uphill battle on a daily basis. The relationship feels forced and shallow. It lacks any meaning or depth. Neither of you feels like putting in an effort to strengthen your relationship. Everything about the relationship feels superficial and you feel like you don’t even know your partner that well.

Deep, unconditional love can never feel superficial. True love has many layers that you peel away with every emotion, experience, and moment you share with each other. And once you reach the core, you can find a renewed sense of purpose in life and feel a real connection. Love can add meaning to your life and inspire you to be better.

8. You are looking for options

If you don’t see a future with your partner and you’re not ready for commitment, then it probably isn’t love. You check out other options and feel attracted to others. You may even fantasize about other people. You haven’t deleted the dating apps on your smartphone as you want to keep your options open. Although you may feel guilty, you think about cheating on your partner and the thought seems intriguing and thrilling.

When you’re in love, your partner is the only person on your mind. Yes, it’s okay to look at attractive people, but when you start fantasizing about them, then there’s a problem. Love thrives on loyalty and faithfulness. It is honest and pure even on the worst days. Love doesn’t make you feel insecure, guilty, or thrilled about indulging in infidelity. If you are looking for other options, then you are unsatisfied and unhappy in your relationship. Cowards cheat. Lovers walk away.

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9. Leaving is easy

If the thought of breaking up with them seems easy, then you’re not really in love. When you have used no contact, the silent treatment, or even ghosting in your relationship without taking any damage, then you’re in the relationship because you’re afraid of being alone. It is easy for you to stay away, forget, or even walk away from your partner. Breaking up and moving on is an effortless decision for you and you feel that a better option is waiting for you.

However, it can be difficult to walk away from true love. Breaking up can feel devastating and it can affect you personally. When you are in love, relationships can last a lifetime. But as love offers no guarantee, breaking up is a real possibility. And if the thought of losing your partner doesn’t make you feel scared, then you’re not in love.

So are you in love with your partner? Or are you in love with the idea of being in love? If you can relate to any of these signs, then it’s time for you to take notice. If you are not happy in your relationship, then it is better to walk away so that true love can walk into your life. 

We would love to know about your thoughts and experiences with true love and relationships. So feel free to share your opinions below.

Signs Not In Love pin
9 Signs You’re Not In Love With Your Partner
signs youre not in love with partner pinop
9 Signs You’re Not In Love With Your Partner
signs youre not in love with partner pin
9 Signs You’re Not In Love With Your Partner
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