6 Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is Over, Even If You Still Care For Them

Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is Over

When you stop looking away from the truth and living in denial, you will realize your instinct is giving you signs about how you truly feel. The sooner you listen to your emotions, the earlier you will be able to face the truth and start working on it. When you are not as happy in your relationship as you pretend to be, it’s time to take notice.

Understand This.

These are only subtle signs of your reality. These are not red flags that you will get a panic attack about losing the love of your life. There’s still a good chance of making things work. Start by asking yourself what you have done that has led your relationship to this place. Before blaming your partner, identify your own mistakes. That’s rule number one.

Then start by fixing your faults and do what you can to re-develop the attraction in your relationship. When you take charge, you will instantly see a momentous shift in your relationship dynamic. Make sure you talk to your partner about what you feel they are doing to affect the relationship in such a way. Approach them with love, understanding and compassion. If they are unwilling, take it as another sign.

Remember to approach them with an open mindset. Your goal is to understand them, not to make them understand. Do not hold on to limiting beliefs. And let go of your expectations. And finally, when they want to leave, let them. That’s how love works. Plain and simple.

Do you feel you are losing yourself in your relationship?

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1 thought on “6 Subtle Signs Your Relationship Is Over, Even If You Still Care For Them”

  1. Victoria Goodall

    A love relationship or any other close relationship will last for as long as we meant to do some work into it; or for as long as it is serving us- either in helping us to love more and put some more efforts to it or propel us into growth.
    Knowing the red flags mentioned in this article will greatly help us through precious reminders- those lost parts of ourselves that we need to reconnect and reclaim:our former selves full of high hopes and dreams and yearnings; our longings, passions, sensuality and emotions, our creative and authentic selves that have undergone through dark and light shades and shadows.

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