Death of The Ego: 4 Signs Your Ego Is Dissolving

Death of Ego Signs Your Ego Dissolving

And once you do so, you will be able to look at them with a non-judgemental and loving eye. You will be able to feel what they feel. This is the most prized virtue a human being can possess. To exercise your ability to empathize with others, it’s absolutely necessary for you to look beyond your ‘self’.

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3. You stop reacting defensively.

When our sense of self is too strong, we tend to react rather than respond to other people’s actions.

You have successfully moved beyond the grasp of your ego when you do not need to react to other people’s actions or words anymore because you are no longer in search of the right. You will find yourself more composed while dealing with others even if your opinions, ideas, and attitudes differ from them.

You will be less likely to engage in arguments and even if you do, you will not defensively react with bitterness, anger or frustration.

The mind is put to silence when the ego is gradually eradicating itself.

4. You will have an increased sense of satisfaction with who you are.

Every one of us is striving to achieve success, fame, reputation, and money. These are all means to feed the ego. The ego needs to tell itself “I have achieved so much. I am rich and well to do. I have everything that a person needs to survive.”

The more you acquire, be it materialistically or otherwise, the more is your ego satisfied. When your ego is slowly falling apart, you will stop worrying about your identity. You will view your life from a third person’s point of view; like a fleeting string of experience to behold as an outsider. You will no longer find any requirement to own your life and claim it to be ‘yours’.

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Consider this saying by Kilroy J. Oldster in Dead Toad Scrolls,

“The ego is the culmination of our preferences and dislikes. Our ego represents the firm edges of how we perceive ourselves. An ego death involves a merciless destruction of the autobiographical memory system that sustains a person’s collective of bodily and mental images. In order to provoke an ego death, one might choose to pare down their sense of self to a bare skeleton divested of all flesh and blood. It might even be useful to visualize a person’s own burial and then imagine a rebirth. A person who undergoes an ego-death might experience a transformation in their life that duplicates a reincarnation.”

Dissolving Ego : 4 Signs Your Ego Is Disintegrating
Dissolving Ego : 4 Signs Your Ego Is Disintegrating
Death of Ego Signs Your Ego Dissolving Pin
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