11 Signs You Need To Talk To A Therapist

Signs Need To Talk To Therapist

Psychotherapy allows a person to open up, vent out all the bottled thoughts and memories without any fear of judgement. You will realize how your childhood affects you now.

 A therapist can then help you develop new ways of thinking about the traumatic event and process the horrifying thoughts associated with it. So, that you can break free from chains of trauma. 

The treatment may be time-taking, but the gains can be life changing and incredibly empowering.

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10. You’re avoiding ‘Me’ time

How long it has been since you last indulged in your favourite hobby? If you can’t remember then it is a surefire sign that you’ve been neglecting your alone time. Be it binge-watching Netflix, listening to Eminem, drawing a mandala, blogging, coding or anything – if it no more gives you joy, then there is something amiss. 

Unresolved issues are common in people with anxiety, depression or other mental health problems. Therefore, they no more enjoy their previously beloved activities. There is no point suffering needlesslesy. 

Talk to a therapist, because a professional can help you feel unstuck, know what you want and make personal changes accordingly. 

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11. You Use Unhealthy Coping Skills

Sit With It Instead Of Drinking It Away
11 Signs You Need To Talk To A Therapist

Relying on alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to escape from the memories of the past trauma is an unhealthy coping skill. You may only get temporary relief while making existing problems worse. Self-defeating behaviour indicates severe emotional distress and is linked to borderline personality disorder. Not seeking professional help may introduce new problems into your life. 

You may not be able to recognize your self-destructive behaviour. But when your loved ones are saying, “I’m concerned about you” – consider it as a red flag! Take the advice!

The solution is to face your problems, find its roots and fix it once and for all. Talk to a therapist today! These professionals are there to make sure you are coping with emotional problems in a healthy way. They will help you return to your healthy or healthier state.

Wrap up

Based on my personal experiences and research, these are some signs that you really need to talk to a therapist. Seeking psychotherapy doesn’t mean you are psycho. It is your right to self-care!

You can alleviate your emotional and psychological symptoms, reduce emotional distress, resolve personal issues with right guidance and support and make positive personal changes to live a better life. 

However, seeking the right therapist is important. So, ask your friends and seniors, get multiple recommendations, and make sure to check out different online portals. And, if you are worried about money, there are many affordable options out there. 

If you find this post helpful, share it with those you think are in need of therapy. 

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11 Signs You Need To Talk To A Therapist
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