8 Signs You Need To Stay Away From Social Media

stay away from social media

Still itching to fiddle with your phone? Here are some more warning signs that you need to quit social media right now –

  • You have no friends that you can count on in real life
  • You share too much of your personal life through your posts.
  • You have started to stalk people online who you don’t even know
  • You grab your phone instantly after a notification pops up
  • You use it as your main source of communication and news
  • You are easily influenced by all the posts, information and news shared on your feed
  • You experience phantom vibrations or feel your phone vibrate when it actually doesn’t
  • Your real life is getting affected by the negativity online
  • Your online personality is different from your actual personality 
  • You meticulously plan and prepare for your future posts
  • You don’t spend too much time outdoors
  • Your fingers become sore from too much scrolling
  • Your eyes become strained as you stare at your phone for long hours
  • You become upset if your posts don’t perform well
  • You believe everyone has a better life than you
  • You want to check one thing quickly but end up scrolling mindlessly
  • You can’t enjoy life without posting about it on your profile

If you can relate with some or most of the signs mentioned above, then you need immediate digital detox to improve your mental health and your life.

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