10 Signs You Had An Abusive Parent

Signs You Had An Abusive Parent

9. You are aggressive towards others

Studies show that there is a strong correlation between childhood abuse and violence perpetration. If you were raised by emotionally abusive parents, then you can be highly aggressive towards other people. In fact, you may become a bully or an abuser yourself to imitate your parents’ abusive behavior or to gain a sense of control in your life.

Childhood abuse can cause extreme adult aggressive tendencies. You are more likely to engage in future intimate partner violence or domestic violence and even animal abuse. So if you tend to behave aggressively, then probably had an abusive parent.

10. You are a perfectionist

Do you have a hard time accepting your imperfections? Poor self-esteem and psychological wounds of childhood often develop perfectionistic traits in abuse survivors. The more your parents withhold love, the harder will strive to prove your worth and earn their affection. As you think you’re not good enough, your fear drives you to do more and do better each time. Sadly, your pursuit of perfection will gradually damage your passion, inspiration and creativity. If you are haunted by the demon of perfectionism, then it is a good sign that you had an abusive parent. 

As abusive behavior by parents often goes unnoticed, you need to identify these signs to realize how emotional abuse has affected you as a person. If you are trying to cope with the impact of being raised by an abusive parent, then you need to start the healing process immediately.

You can start by seeking professional help, talking to a trusted loved one, and realizing that you are worthy and enough as you are.

How many of these signs can you relate with?

We would love to know about your thoughts and experiences about childhood emotional abuse. So feel free to share your opinions below.

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