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17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

reason you are smart then you think

In one study, people who tended to worry a lot and keep thinking about the situations that upset them scored higher on the verbal intelligence test and those who were less worried or engaged in rumination scored higher on the non-verbal intelligence test. 

Although people across the globe perceive anxiety as a negative emotion, it offers some benefits too. Cool isn’t it? 

8. You Didn’t Have Sex Until After High School

Researchers looked at 12,000 teens from the 7th to the 12th grade. They found that teenagers with higher IQs were found to be virgins and less likely to hold hands or be intimate with a romantic partner, than those with average or lower IQs. The reason could be that smart people have a lower sex drive or are less able to find a sexual partner or maybe they are more reverse. 

smart people take time to find someone worth being in a relationship with.
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

9. You Took Music Lessons

Do you love to play guitar or drums or any other musical instrument?
Then that’s a clear sign that you are smart even when you don’t feel like it. Music helps build verbal intelligence.

In one study, 6-year-old kids who played keyboard or took voice lessons had an IQ boost compared with kids who were involved in drama or no classes at all. Another study found kids with good academic performance were most likely to take music lessons. Playing or learning music may only enhance cognitive differences that already exist.

children who engage in music have better speaking and communication skills
17 Science-Backed Signs You Are Smarter Than You Think

10. You’re Funny

Being funny is a sign of intelligence! Albert Einstein too had a child-like sense of humour. So, if you are the one in your friend’s circle, who can light up the mood with funny one-liners or create humorous stuff on the spot, then pat yourself on the back.  

In one study published in the Journal Intelligence, four hundred students participated in abstract reasoning and verbal intelligence test. They were asked to create captions for several New Yorker cartoons. Guess what? Smarter students were rated as funnier.

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11. You’re The First Born

If you are firstborn in your family, then you are smarter than your younger brothers and sisters. The eldest children in a family have a significant edge in IQ and tend to be more successful than their siblings. Happy to know that? 
Some of the famous firstborns are Hillary Clinton, JK Rowling, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

According to a study published in the Journal of Human Resources, this difference is not due to genetic factors but the psychological interplay of parents and children. Being the firstborn you tend to have more control and attention from your first-time parents. Therefore you grow up to be responsible, reliable, and careful. 

12. You’re Thin

This is another hard-to-believe sign that you are smart. Being thin comes with cognitive benefits. 

Scientists found that body mass index is independently associated with cognitive function. More than 2000 participants were given intelligence tests and the results suggested that those with bigger waistlines had lower cognitive ability.
Another study involving preschoolers found a lower IQ linked to a higher BMI. However, this association is influenced by environmental and socioeconomic factors. 

13. You Are A Cat Person

Having a cat as a pet is a sign that you are smart even if you don’t feel like it. 

In a 2014 study cat lovers scored higher than dog lovers on a cognitive and intelligence test. However, dog people were found more outgoing than cat people according to a test that measures personality. 

Some of the celebrities who are cat lovers are –  Taylor Swift, Kate Beckinsale, Elisabeth Moss, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus.

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