13 Signs You Are A Psychic Empath

Signs You Psychic Empath

8. You need a lot of alone time

need to recharge daily

As a psychic empath you need alone time to feel relaxed and at ease with your feelings and senses. Exposing yourself to a large crowd or even a small group can turn out to be risky for you. Because you feel different sorts of emotions and easily absorb the energies of other people. It’s common for psychic empaths to have unstable moods and that’s why they love solitude.

Positive energies can make you happy. But, If you are absorbing negative energies, it can be hard to handle and you may fall sick both physically and mentally. You tend to isolate yourself to protect your energy and maintain the peace of mind. Over time, you can develop immunity and defence to negative forces surrounding you.

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9. You love nature and animals

Psychic empaths seek comfort and peace in nature, it helps them clear their mental confusion and overcome physical discomfort. To enjoy the solitude of their being they commonly indulge in activities like hiking, walking on the beach, meditating in woods, listening to nature’s music or travelling to remote areas. 

empaths connect with animals

Animals are attracted to psychic empaths like magnets. If you can absorb the energies of animals and sense they have been mistreated or in need of your care and love, then it’s a sign you are a psychic empath.  

10. You are intuitive 

Everybody has intuition but the gut feelings of empaths are quite literal. — Colette Davenport

Psychic empaths can sense a feeling in their gut, which can help them to do some good deeds or avoid energy vampires. You can be a healing tonic for hearts in need as you can pick up verbal and non-verbal cues that give you insight into what is on a person’s mind.

So, if you can filter the world through your intuition it’s a surefire sign that you are a psychic empath. 

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11. You cannot resist caring for others

You can intensely feel the emotions of people and animals so it is hard for you not to care. Seeing others in distress gives you pain. Naturally giving, spiritually open, you will go out of the way to help them.

If you believe that you are supposed to help others live better lives and create a better environment for the world, then you are a psychic empath. 

However, a psychic empath is also a master at self care and self love. Even if they are mentrally consumed  and put others’ feelings first, they don’t stop valuing their own emotions. 

12. Your sense of emotion is receptive


You can absorb both positive and negative energies as well as distinguish between both energies. You have psychic abilities and that helps you decipher and deal with a sticky situation.

Around positive energies like peace, love – you feel high, energised and excited. Around negative energies like some malicious or dark or harmful intentions – you tend to feel cautious, anxious and exhausted.

Once you have realised you are a psychic empath, you will surely learn to set up a healthy boundary so that others’ emotions do not upset you. However, it may take a lot of time for you to learn and practise how to process your (others) thoughts and emotions on a whole-body level and how to solve negative situations. Over time you will know when to help and when not to bother a person. 

13. You can feel sick any time

Certain types of loud noise, strong odours or places like graveyards, hospitals or other dramatic environments can make you sick both physically and mentally. It is not uncommon for psychic empaths to experience anxiety, nausea, dizziness or stomach upset out of nowhere.

Because they not only absorb all sorts of high levels of energy but internalise it. If you frequently feel overwhelmed or mentally exhausted or pass out in some social environments, then it’s a sign you’re a psychic empath.

Are you a psychic empath?

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