8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Vulnerable Narcissist

Signs Dealing Vulnerable Narcissist

5. Suffer from anxiety, depression and an inner emptiness.

Vulnerable narcissists tend to suffer from depression and anxiety more than people who are not vulnerable narcissists. This is because they have an inherent fear of failure that they are not good enough to be successful, which further fuels their anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem. Most of the time, they feel an inner emptiness that drives them to sabotage their personal relationships too.

Depressive and suicidal thoughts are a constant fixture in their lives, and when you add a lack of appreciation and acknowledgment to that, it leads to more bitterness, resentment, and feelings of sadness.

6. Experiences a lot of self-shame.

When it comes to vulnerable narcissism, their self-image is broken into two parts – their positive self-image centers around extravagant pride, and their negative self-image is full of shame. This split is one of the biggest reasons why they are so sensitive to criticism; it simply forces them to confront their drawbacks, which leads to deep feelings of shame.

When they have positive comments coming their way, they are able to hide their self-shame behind that. But when it comes to absorbing criticism and trying to understand their flaws, their negative self-image forces their pride out of the way, and this leads to excessive feelings of self-disgust, embarrassment, and finally shame.

Want to know more about a vulnerable narcissist? Check this video out below!

Vulnerable narcissist

7. Blaming others for their mistakes.

Another prominent facet of vulnerable narcissism is playing the blame game. Whenever they are in hot water, they never hesitate to shift the blame on someone else, as long as they are getting to save themselves. Even if they are the mastermind of it all, somehow it will be someone else’s fault; maybe they were ‘manipulated’ or ‘coerced’ into doing it.

If they are consistently late for work, it’s because their spouse took too long in the washroom. If they forgot their daughter’s birthday, it’s because their boss gave them too much work. Broke a friend’s promise and trust? Well, they were ‘manipulated’ into doing that! On the rare occasions when they do accept their mistakes, they do so because they are either caught red-handed or are cornered.

Even if they do admit their guilt, don’t expect to see any genuine remorse, sadness or regret in them. They are doing so only because their bluff has been called.

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8. Excessive jealousy and envy.

Narcissistic people are always envious of others and their lives; no matter how good they might have it, they are never happy, and nothing is ever enough for them. They are especially jealous of people who are rich, powerful, and good-looking because they covet these things more than anything else. Additionally, they also feel that others are envious of them because of how ‘superior’ they are.

Vulnerable narcissists never show these negative feelings openly, rather they would be bitter and resentful towards people who they feel are responsible for them feeling like this. Moreover, they also feel resentful when they don’t get what they feel they are entitled to and deserve.

It can be hard and very challenging to interact with a vulnerable narcissist, due to them being withdrawn, shy, and reserved. But when things get too much, and their narcissism doesn’t seem to improve, then maybe, you need to cut off all ties and move on with your life. The more you let a narcissist draw you in, the tougher it will be for you to protect your mental health and peace of mind.

Signs Dealing Vulnerable Narcissist pin
8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Vulnerable Narcissist
Dealing Vulnerable Narcissist pin
8 Signs You Are Dealing With A Vulnerable Narcissist
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