5 Signs Your Vibrations Are Low


4. Fear cripples your life

Although fear can sometimes be useful, especially when we start learning the world, later it can be really bothersome not letting us express our full potential.

What are you really fearing of? Are you afraid of Death?

Well, we’ve got news for you. You are going to die either you afraid or not. But why waste your time fearing an inevitable fact? Death is not the end, it’s merely a new beginning!

Although we should keep our feet to the ground we should also keep our eyes focused on the stars. Yes, there are bad things that can happen to us, but this is why we are Witches. We can change any outcome we want as long it complies with the Laws of the Craft.


5. Obsessed with material belongings & physical needs

If your wardrobe is too big and too full at the same time this is a good hint.

Do you also wake up with thought of acquiring more property and ways to make more money? Yet how do you use this money exactly?

Do you use it to make more money, or buy more things or do you use it for you spiritual evolution? Or maybe you are obsessing with hot men and women in Instagram?

Unfortunately, most people misuse physical needs & money and Witches often fall into this trap too. Never forget, money & physical desire is only a manifestation of Vital Energy in your life. Misuse it, and you actually misuse magical energy, falling further in vibrational levels.

Both physical needs and money are addictive. They are wonderful blessings but we should learn to use them to favour our lives and spirits.

Well? Can you relate?

Written by Magical Recipes Online
Originally appeared in MagicalRecipesOnline

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5 Signs Your Vibrations Are Low