5 Signs Your Unconscious Mind Is Trying To Tell You Something

 August 02, 2019

Unconscious Mind Is Trying To Tell You Something


Sign 4. Physical Symptoms

Dreams are not the only method via which our unconscious mind tries to communicate with us. Sometimes our body acts as physical conduits for these signals. You’ll find your body displaying signs or functioning in unusual ways.

These signs can be either internal or external or both, depending on the circumstances. External signs can include chronic lower back pain, headaches, abdominal bloating, neck and shoulder pain, etc. Internal signs include perpetual fatigue, energy drainage, sudden drop in energy levels, exhaustion, etc.

All these are subtle indications of personal or work related stress that your unconscious mind wants you to address on an immediate basis.


Sign 5. Reduced Or Lack Of Free Will

Have you ever come across times when you want to do something but lack the sheer will to carry it out? You have been subject to reduced level of free will. Free will is defined as the mental state vital for executing something you deeply desire.

You might think that the desire itself is enough and that every time you have pursued your dreams, it was the desire alone which drove things to fulfillment. But free will is the matrix that acts as a prime mover of these dreams and desires. Whatever you aspire to become or get done, you need to have a strong free will to make things happen.

It is the only thing that keeps you going in life. So when you find yourself in a position where you’re just lacking the desired level of free will, know that your unconscious mind is trying to make you aware of your mental health.

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