20 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently

Things True Gentleman Does Differently

13. Is true to his Word

When a gentleman gives you his word for something, you can be sure he will do it. Whether it is a meeting or a date or something he promised you to provide help with.

14. Guards Secret

A gentleman is not a blabbermouth. He speaks carefully and also knows how to keep the secrets of others.

15. Doesn’t discuss his woman with others

A true gentleman honors and respects his woman. His bedroom secrets are his own and he never discusses how his woman looks naked, or how she’s in the bed.

16. Is never violent with Women

He is never violent with a woman. A gentleman by nature is a protector of women. He would never hit anybody of the opposite sex, unless and until, they try to kill or injure someone innocent.

17. Never starts eating first

This is basic courtesy, but not many people follow. A true gentleman starts eating only after everyone has been served.

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18. Is Truthful

He would never shy away from telling the truth. He maintains his honor by speaking truth in all circumstances and is a man of trust.

19. Can fix problems

When with such a man, you will know that he has not spent his years idly.  He is a man who doesn’t want others first around him or expects others to do all the work. He will always lend a helping hand to do household chores. He knows how to cook, change a baby’s diaper, fix a car or change an electric fuse. He has learned things and that makes life around him so easy.

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20. Comes to the rescue of Defenseless

To be true, the ancient knight in such men is still alive. They are in their hearts to the warriors who would own band was in the face of dangers to protect the helpless. Courage, fearlessness, and strength are the very identities of gentlemen. He stands up when he finds the women, children, and the innocent in jeopardy, and battles for the sake of others exposing himself to risk.

Are you a true gentleman? If you could relate to the article, let me know in comments.

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19 thoughts on “20 Things A True Gentleman Does Differently”

  1. Isn’t this just traits of common sense and courtesy? Goes for both men and women! I am guilty of having alot of these traits and I am a woman … how is that possible, should I call myself a gentlewoman then?

  2. I had to teach my now ex husband all of these. Men are not taught this anymore. Nor are women. I’ll admit, one of my measuring sticks is whether or not he knows to walk on the street side.

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