Signs of a Toxic Marriage That Seem Totally Normal

 July 20, 2019

Toxic Marriage Seem Totally Normal

When was the last time you and your partner spoke in any meaningful way? When you spend time together is there any kind of communication at all or are you sharing the space in silence? If you and your partner are no longer talking, about anything, including the weather, then you are most likely in a toxic marriage.


Recognizing signs of a toxic marriage is the best way to try to save it before it gets too late.

Do you and your partner treat each other well? Do you disagree about things without fighting? Do you keep secrets or your distance? Have you stopped communicating in any meaningful way?

If any or all of these things are true, you very well might be in a toxic marriage, one you want to either start working on or get out of.

Don’t waste your life in a toxic marriage – life is too short to waste!

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