The Signs And Why They’re Happy


The Signs And Why They’re Happy

The Signs And Why They’re Happy

Aries – got to punch their ex in the face

Taurus – free food

Gemini – nobody knows

Cancer – senpai notices them

Leo – got new designer clothes

Virgo – got to relax for once

Libra – they’re always happy

Scorpio – sweet r e v e n g e

Sagittarius – because they can

Capricorn – got to kill someone without feeling guilty

Aquarius – what is happiness?

Pisces – their ship came true

One response to “The Signs And Why They’re Happy”

  1. Raphaela Undine Avatar

    Lion kicks stupid people and scorpions in the ass kann das ewige Gejammer dieser dummen Leute nicht mehr hören Frauenrechtsbeauftragte interessieren sich in jedem Vertrieb sehr für die primitiven Machenschaften dümmlicher Individuen

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