10 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Not Right For You

Signs Your Partner Not Right For You

(6) You overanalyze every conversation or every act.

You can’t understand your partner and over-analyze everything, be it something they said or something they did. If your partner makes themselves mysterious for you, and always makes you question even the tiniest thing, then how can you even live with them?

Be with someone who will never make you question yourself, and your relationship. You deserve to be with someone who will never make you feel like something is wrong with you, or that you need to change yourself in any way.

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(7) You tend to check on your partner more often.

You do have the right to know your partner’s whereabouts but spending too much time on tracking them implies your subconscious mind is sensing something is wrong. Even though personal space and trust are vital in a relationship, if you feel that they are always up to something shady behind your back, then maybe you should rethink the relationship.

This is a red alert and you should use your logic and take the right decision before it’s too late. Take the right decision before you do something you regret.

(8) Your partner has become everything for you.

Romantic as it might sound, if you feel that your life is revolving around your partner, then it’s a warning sign that things are not going in the right direction. Your partner might mean a lot to you but you need to have your own life too. Making them the center of your universe all the time is an extremely unhealthy thing to do.

Your life should not always revolve around them; you have your own life, dreams, and passions. If you find yourself unable to focus on them, then maybe it’s time to move on.

(9) You are always the one making all the compromises.

In a relationship, both partners are supposed to compromise to maintain a healthy balance in the relationship. If you are the only person who is compromising everything to keep your partner happy, then definitely your partner is not worthy of your compromises.

Why be with someone who only knows how to take, but doesn’t know how to give? It won’t be long before you will feel emotionally and mentally drained, and will simply become a shell of the person you once were.

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(10) You have stopped doing things you love.

Doing things you love defines the person you are; that’s your individuality. If you stop doing that, then it means there’s no space for your happiness in your partner’s life. If this happens, then that person is not the right one for you.

Being in a relationship should add to who you are and make you a better person; it should never change you into someone you are not.

Facing similar issues? Think about it. Act before it’s too late.

10 Signs By Your Subconscious That Your Partner Is Not Right For You
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10 Subtle Signs Your Partner Is Not Right For You
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