10 Signs Someone Is Just Not Into You

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6. They flirt with others

For some reason or the other, you can feel that they flirt with others using the same charm and confidence they used to woo you. You have noticed them being flirty with others but they tend to be reserved when talking to you. Research shows that needy individuals with insecure attachment styles often need validation from others and that may keep them from committing to one relationship. If this describes your crush, then they are surely not the one.

7. They are not emotionally connected to you

Does it seem they don’t care about you? Are you unable to rely on them when you need them the most? Research shows that most women break up due to a lack of emotional accessibility in relationships. Studies also reveal that emotional availability is associated with secure attachment and emotion regulation which lead to a successful relationship. But if your relationship lacks emotional connection even when you are crazy about them, then it may be time to let them go.

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8. They don’t give you any special treatment

If your date behaves normally with you and does not treat you the way you deserve to be treated, then it’s evident that they are not that into you. When they don’t take steps to woo you, make innumerable gestures to show their love, and act a little silly to impress you, then you know they’re not serious. Treating you like everyone else is a sign that they see you more as a friend, an associate, or worse… as a backup plan to avoid loneliness. But this may also mean that you’re in the friendzone and you need to put in some effort to earn that special treatment.

9. They’re never jealous

They don’t show even the slightest hint of jealousy when it comes to your relationships with other people. Although you don’t want a possessive partner, a little bit of jealousy is healthy for romantic relationships. Studies have found love and jealousy are positively associated. However, if your date doesn’t react or pay attention when you talk or even flirt with others, it is a glaring sign that they couldn’t care less.

10. You have a gut feeling

Regardless of how much you may like them, you just know it in your heart that they are not the ones. Studies show that intuition can often lead to insight. So if your instincts are telling you that this person is not right for you and there is no future, then you should take notice. Pause, relax, and breathe. This will help you become more aware of the warning signs that they are not that into you. Instead of clinging to a one-sided relationship, stop consoling yourself and be brave enough to move on.

But that’s not all. 

There may be many other subtle signs that your date may not be interested in you, such as –

  • The are secretive and distant
  • They hear you but never actively listen to you
  • They don’t accept you as you are and try to change you
  • They never pursue you and ignore your pursuits
  • They talk about their ex a lot
  • They barely manage to fit you into their busy schedule
  • They avoid you
  • They breadcrumb you or lead you on and then ghost you
  • They are always late on dates and appear bored 
  • They give you mixed signals
  • They are not reliable 
  • They barely make eye contact with you
  • They don’t allow you access to their phone
  • They never give you special attention and appear distracted around you
  • They spend time with you only when it’s convenient for them
  • They barely show any affection towards you
  • They don’t hold your hand in public
  • They are not looking for a relationship
  • The relationship is more about their physical needs than your emotional needs
  • They never talk about the future of the relationship

What should you do if your crush isn’t that into you?

If you can relate to most of these signs and your gut feeling is giving you hints that it’s not going to work, the best thing you can do is walk away with your dignity and stop pursuing them.

Let them go and move away from this one-sided relationship. Do not chase them as it will affect your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

You deserve someone who is crazy and passionate about you. Someone who’s very much into you.

So focus on yourself, save yourself from the pain and heartache, and have faith that you will meet the one eventually.

How many of these signs can you identify within your relationship?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.

The studies and references used for the article are mentioned in the descriptions below.


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10 Signs Someone Is Just Not Into You
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