Signs Reply On, “You’re Pretty”

Signs reply on You're Pretty


ARIES: “Okay thanks”

TAURAS: “Nice joke”

GEMINI: “Prettier than you, for sure.”

CANCER: “I’m glad you think so”

LEO: ” I know”

VIRGO: “No, actually, I have a pimple. And it’s ugly.”

LIBRA: “Aw I love you let’s get married!”

SCORPIO: “I know you’re just trying to trick me into liking you so you can take over my soul and send me to the Nether world right?”

SAGITTARIUS: “Really? ..oh well, ok.”

CAPRICORN: “I prefer angelic’ but ‘pretty’ is fine for now.”

AQUARIUS: “How much did my mum pay you to say this?”

PISCES: “So…?”


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