8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One-Sided

relationship is gradually becoming one sided

4. You Are Always The Culprit Whenever Something Bad Happens.

When you are in a one-sided relationship, and there is a heavy imbalance, your partner will always end up criticizing you for all the bad things that happen. Dirty dishes left in the sink? You should have washed the dishes, not them. The electricity bill is overdue? Well, you should have paid the bill in time, not them. And on and on it goes, with your partner conveniently ignoring all the good things you do for them and the relationship.

They will never appreciate your efforts, and will always take you for granted, and whatever you do for them. But the things you don’t do, or might simply have forgotten to do? They will never stop harping on about it, and will keep on putting you down for even the most minor things.

5. You Feel Alone Most Of The Time, Even When They Are Right Beside You.

The right kind of relationship will never make you feel alone or dejected, but the wrong ones can. If you feel alone even when you are with your partner, in the same room, with them sitting beside you, it’s a huge sign that your relationship is slowly becoming one-sided, and things are unraveling.

Not every day is going to be an exciting and romantic one, but if the feelings of loneliness and isolation have become a permanent fixture, and your sadness highly overshadows your happiness, then this relationship is not the right one for you. True love should make you feel seen and cherished, not alone and depressed.

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6. You Just Can’t Seem To Trust Them Anymore.

Long gone is the trust and faith you had in them when the relationship was in stable and happy waters. Now, you just can’t seem to trust them with anything. They have become so disinterested and unpredictable, that you don’t feel like even telling them what you need. No matter how hard it might be for you, you choose to do everything alone.

Whenever you find yourself doubting whether your partner will help you with anything, even something as small as household chores, take it as a sign that all’s not well in paradise. If they don’t have the interest or the sense to understand what you need, then maybe you are better off without them.

One-sided relationship

7. You Are Always The One Who Accommodates Them And Their Needs.

Do you always compromise for them? Do you always make all the sacrifices in the relationship? Do you always work according to their schedules and whims and fancies, so that they never face any problems and inconveniences? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are seriously in a one-sided relationship. If you are always putting them first, but they are never doing the same for you, then they are not the right one for you.

The more you invest in this unhealthy, one-sided relationship, the more you will lose yourself and the things you stand for. Your needs, feelings, wants, and emotions matter too, and if your partner cannot acknowledge and respect that, then they don’t deserve you.

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8. You Work Extra Hard To Make Them Recognize How You Feel.

One of the biggest signs of a one-sided relationship is when you work extra hard to make sure your partner notices you and acknowledges your feelings. You know you are putting in more effort than them when they are unable to gauge even the most normal and simple things. If your partner genuinely loves you and wants to see you happy, then they will always make an effort to understand how you feel, and why you feel the way you do.

If your partner does not care how you feel, seems disinterested, or dismisses your feelings because they think it’s not that big of a deal, then maybe you need to rethink the whole relationship. Making you feel bad about the way you feel, just because they are incapable of understanding something so normal shows their mindset and integrity.

Remember that there are always two people in a relationship, and both of them need to put in equal efforts to make sure the relationship stands the test of time. If you are the only one who cares about making the relationship work, then you need to leave and wait for someone who will give you the love and respect you truly deserve. You deserve so much more than a one-sided, lonely, and half-hearted relationship.

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8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One-Sided
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