11 Things That Make You A Pineapple Girl

Things Make You Pineapple Girl

7. You know what you want and you go for it

as if the world belongs to you.

You are sure footed and you know the ends that you wish to achieve with the means that you employ. In life, it is really important to know where you are going.

And you are pretty aware of that. This awareness makes you confident and it makes you feel like you can do anything and achieve anything that you want. This is your superpower.

8. You love to have your chill on and lie on a beach and enjoy the sun.

Of course, you love work but you also know how to chill and have a good time. Sometimes, you don’t even need anyone to relax.

You are enough for yourself and you enjoy your company. Moreover, you know the importance of relaxing. You know that you need it to calm your senses and to help you concentrate better on your work.

So you enjoy your relaxing moments as much as you enjoy your work. And if you are relaxing with your friends, you could be the center of attraction of the party.

You enjoy as if you own the world. No wonder people love your company when they want to relax because you fill them with so much positive energy. You are infectious and so is your fun loving nature.

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9. You make a lot of effort in order to impress people

because it matters to you.

You work hard to make a good impression. It matters to you what people think about you. For a lot of people, it isn’t a big deal if people think bad about them.

But that is not the case with you. You work hard to ensure that people like you as well as your work. You want to be known by others and you know that for that you have to work your ass off.

So you do and the result is that people are impressed by your personality. They love to be around you and they love your work as well.

10. You are filled with so much creativity and you even exude it

This is because of your different nature. You are filled with creativity and you love to do things in a different way. You are kind of against the fixed pattern that people blindly follow.

So you have your own way of dealing with things and you enjoy your own way. Even people around you enjoy your method.

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11. People don’t really hate you though they may pretend to

and that’s weird but it works out in the end.

They might find it really hard to like you, but they don’t hate you. This means that even when people disagree with you, they still admire and appreciate you for the way you do things.

They don’t detest your difference. They recognize it and accept it. You might not be a favorite, but still, you are tolerable .

Well, these are the qualities of a Pineapple Girl. I hope a lot of you belong to this group. If you do, be proud of yourself. If you don’t, well, it’s not late, you can join the tribe.

Tell us what makes you a Pineapple Girl.

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