21 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Interested In The Relationship

Signs Partner Isnt Interested In Relationship

11. They stop being considerate of you.

A partner who isn’t interested in the relationship will have sex when they want, find new reasons to nag about something or everything, argues for no reason, never show empathy and make sure their interest comes first. Cheating may or may not be the case here, but would you like to be in such a selfish marriage?    

12. Excuses galore.

excuses in love

Actions speak louder than words! If your girlfriend or boyfriend makes excuses when it comes to dating or long term commitment or not meeting your expectations, then they aren’t interested in you anymore. True efforts stand out! If your partner professes love but never figures out a way to make things work with you then it’s time to reconsider your relationship.  

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13. They stop caring about your well-being.

How was your day? How is your health? What about your new project or job? If your partner doesn’t bother to ask such basic questions or discuss how you feel, then you don’t deserve to be in this relationship. 

14. Ignore, disrespect, avoid.

They don’t sit with you to have open, honest discussions about your love life or marriage and related concerns. You will find a noticeable change in their personality and lifestyle habits that makes you feel disrespected, ignored, and avoided. 

15. They seem to change you

You may feel changed as a result of your partner’s lack of interest in the relationship. You smile less, reluctant to engage in your favorite hobbies, keep worrying about your love life, and so on. It’s quite common when you are suffering from unrequited love.

16. They avoid your friends and family

Your partner makes no efforts to get along with your besties or near and dear ones. Also, he or she may postpone the plans of introducing you to their family members. Please note that if any of your loved ones feel suspicious about your lover they might be observing red flags that your too smitten to see.

17. There is no intimacy in your sexual life.

Do you know the valid reason why your partner is never in mood or what is holding them from getting physically intimate with you? Is your partner willing to communicate about his desires, wants, and needs in the bedroom? At least is there any intimacy without intercourse like long and deep conversations or holding hands walking on a beach or long drive and so on? Then it’s another big red flag. 

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18. They always avoid committing.

Does your partner follow up on promises? Or unwilling or dismissive of the feeling of togetherness? Or appears lethargic in maintaining relationships? When the person avoids anything related to commitment even though you have been dating for years, then it’s a clear sign that the person isn’t interested much.  

19. They might have fallen out of love.

Lack of affection, emotions, being more distant than usual and being happier without you are all signals that your partner has fallen out of love. Even if you confront them, they may just start an episode of empty apologies. It speaks volumes about their real intentions. 

20. They cheat on you.

Cheating is the sign of the complete disinterest of your partner in the relationship.  Secret phone calls, less emotionally connected sex, altered work schedule, unexplained expenses, unreachable over the phone are all signs that your husband or wife is cheating on you.

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21. You are unhappy and depressed all the time.

You feel unfulfilled, unhappy, dissatisfied, confused, lonely, and depressed in the relationship. Nothing could be worse than loneliness being in a romantic relationship with someone.  You will always remain on the verge of tears or keep crying. You will realize that the connection you used to share with them is gone.

If any of the above-mentioned signs are coming up in the course of courtship, this is a clear indication of that particular person’s disinterest and weariness about continuing the relationship anymore.

It is fine to fix it or just try to mend it for some time but if nothing improves much even after trying hard, then it is always advisable to let the person go, move on and lead a much happier life.

If you want to know more about the signs that your partner isn’t interested in the relationship anymore, then check this video out below:

21 Signs Your Partner Isn't Interested In The Relationship
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