17 Signs You Are An Overachiever And How To Deal

You Are An Overachiever

5. Build your relationships

The habit of overachievement can take a heavy toll on your relationships. But now you need to stop letting your relationships suffer due to your goals. Connect with your loved ones as healthy social relationships can motivate and support you to accomplish long-term goals.

Kendra adds “Reach out to others, devote time to the ones you love, and be willing to let other people support you along the way.” Moreover, the support of your loved ones will also help to manage your anxiety and improve your mental health.

6. Look after yourself

Just because you love your work and enjoy being successful, doesn’t mean you will ignore your own needs. Success without happiness is meaningless. And happiness starts with self-love and self-care. Make sure to take care of yourself even when you are busy pursuing your goals and dreams. 

Kendra suggests “Do not overlook your well-being, both physical and mental, just so you can keep your nose to that grindstone. Give yourself breaks, reward your efforts, and do something each day that will benefit your health and wellness.”

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Let go of your need to achieve more

Overachievement is a disorder and it’s contagious. Amanda Smear Baudier explains “Our parents and teachers gave it to us, and we proudly pass it onto our peers.” But the good news is that we can choose to stop. We can stop being afraid of failure. We can stop running from one accomplishment to the other. We can stop comparing ourselves with others. We can stop forcing ourselves to compete. We can stop judging, self-sabotaging, and self-criticizing. We can break the cycle.

You can be happy just by being yourself. By doing what you love, even if you don’t succeed at times. And that’s okay. “We all have a unique purpose to unfold in this lifetime and the sooner we stop trying to one up one another, the sooner we’ll find the path to that which will truly bring us joy,” adds Amanda.

Author Kendra Cherry, MS concludes that overachievement “can be unhealthy and contribute to stress, poor relationships, and fear. Fortunately, taking a step back and focusing more on the quality of your success rather than the quantity can help you gain a better perspective on personal achievement.”

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17 Signs You Are An Overachiever And How To Deal
You Are An Overachiever Pin
17 Signs You Are An Overachiever And How To Deal
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