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Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

signs of turbulent personality

5. You’re never satisfied

People with a turbulent personality and turbulent behavior are less likely to be satisfied with their accomplishments, abilities, relationships and life. You constantly feel that you need more – to have more and to be more – to be happy, which leads to dissatisfaction. As you are a perfectionist, you rarely feel happy with your accomplishments, simply because they did not meet your standards of perfection. Turbulent personalities often feel exhausted due their lack of satisfaction. But this dissatisfaction acts as a motivator that drives you forward to boost your skills and gain mastery over your fields of interest.

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6. You are motivated by achievements

People with a turbulent personality are always focused on achieving their goals as their sense of self-worth and self-esteem is tied to the success they achieve. You believe others will love, value and respect you only if you are successful. You take your career seriously and always work to the best of your abilities, whether for your career, personal life or relationships.

7. You doubt yourself

Individuals with turbulent personalities are riddled with self-doubt. They repeatedly compare their skills and accomplishments with others, are unable to accept criticisms, tend to be pessimistic and are too conscious about themselves and their problems. As they do not believe that they deserve the success they have achieved, they suffer from imposter syndrome, a psychological phenomenon where high-achieving people doubt themselves and believe they are “a fraud”.

You downplay your achievements even when you have worked really hard for them. You don’t feel you are deserving of praise or recognition. You are afraid that one day people will realize you are not as talented as they think and all your accomplishments will be snatched  away from you.

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8. You have a positive attitude

One of the best things about having a turbulent personality is your unending optimism. You are highly positive and optimistic in every thing you do and you believe that all challenges can be overcome with dedication, commitment and hard work. You believe that there are no problems that can’t be fixed and this infectious optimism makes you a great leader and motivator for others.

Turbulent personality in the MBTI

Both turbulent and assertive personality traits are mentioned as a part of an updated version of the original Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a tool used to help us understand our personality. According to the MBTI, 16 personality types are identified through a four-letter acronym involving four preferences of each type, such as ESFP, INFJ or INTJ. 

However, according to a new theory, a fifth letter can be added to the four-letter acronyms to denote either the turbulent personality trait (-T) or the assertive personality trait (-A). Hence, according to the new model, a person with an INFJ personality can be further classified as an INFJ-T personality type or an INFJ-A personality type.

The updated T-A model incorporates the neuroticism trait into the Myers-Briggs test, even if it is not officially affiliated.

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Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

Sometimes being ‘turbulent’ is ‘good

Having a turbulent personality can be a blessing in disguise. People with such personality traits are hard working, focused, considerate and introspective. However, they do suffer from self-doubts, poor self-esteem and low self-confidence. And perhaps, this is their superpower – this is what keeps them going to do more and achieve more than others.

Turbulent personalities are highly optimistic and are determined to reach their goals by overcoming all obstacles. They love solving problems, whether for themselves or their loved ones, and are very careful in their approach towards life.

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Can you relate with some or most of the signs of a turbulent personality? Let us know below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the difference between assertive and turbulent personality

People with an assertive personality are relatively more relaxed, calmer and are less prone to anxiety. Turbulent personalities, on the other hand, are perfectionists, sensitive, prone to worry and are highly self-conscious.

Is it better to be assertive or turbulent?

No particular personality trait is better or worse. Both are different types of personalities with their own strengths and weaknesses. As long as you can manage the negative aspects, you can live a happy, healthy life.

Can a turbulent personality become assertive?

A person with a turbulent personality can change their reactions and perspectives to become more assertive. But it is best to accept yourself as you are, acknowledge your weaknesses and hone your strengths as a turbulent person. We can reach our fullest potential by being our genuine self.

signs turbulent personality pin
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For
signs of turbulent personality pin
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For
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