Spiritual Transformation: 9 Signs You’re Evolving

Spiritual Transformation Signs Evolving

Finally, we come to one of the most (if not the most) beautiful aspects of spiritual transformation: love. Our connection with our heart increases and sometimes expands to feelings of compassion for all beings. The hatred and resentment we once felt towards certain people bursts and is replaced with understanding, love, and oftentimes grief for their pain.

We experience what is known as Christ Consciousness (or Oneness) where we embrace and simultaneously mourn all beings. Of course, it’s common to experience varying degrees of this heartfulness ranging from more a heart-centered understanding to complete unconditional cosmic love. What’s most important is not how much we experience, but how deeply it impacts us and transforms our old patterns. 

In the end, spiritual transformation is not really something we can control: it is a gift from Life. It’s an organic result of turning inwards, healing our wounds, and seeking freedom. It’s also not something that lasts forever. We may experience a long or short period of transformation, but that will eventually fade away and be replaced with something new. Such is the nature of existence. 🙂

What has your experience of spiritual transformation been like? I’d love to hear below in the comments!

Written by  Aletheia Luna
Originally appeared on: Lonerwolf.com
Republished with permission 
Spiritual Transformation Evolving
Spiritual Transformation Signs Evolving pin

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