What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving

What is Spiritual Transformation

2. New doorways open

You might be presented with new and unexpected opportunities for growth. In particular, synchronicities (or meaningful coincidences) will increase, and you’ll feel like you’re living ‘in the flow.’ Whatever you do seems to yield important results and there’s no longer what feels like an ‘invisible barrier’ preventing you from progressing.

3. Letting go and surrendering

You feel more comfortable letting Life take over the driving seat for a while, trusting in its wisdom. Letting go, letting be, and surrendering to Spirit becomes more second nature to you. In the past, you would have struggled and resisted a lot, but now, you feel more at peace with ‘handing over the reins.’

4. Self-identity loosens

As you undergo the process of spiritual transformation, the attachment to your ego becomes more transparent. You cease being stuck in limited and rigid ways of being. There are freshness and lightness within your mind and heart that makes it easier to be fluid and adaptable. Because your ego lessens, you react less to other people and events that would usually rile you up.

5. Some people in your life leave

This doesn’t always happen, but it’s common to witness people moving on and leaving your life during spiritual transformation. Some say this is because you’re no longer “vibrationally matched” to them – or in more down-to-earth terms, you’ve each learned your lessons from the other and it’s time to get gone.

You might feel a sense of relief or alternatively a sense of grief for the departure of those once close to you. Whatever the case, let yourself feel these emotions and know that it’s a necessary part of the cycle of life.

6. Profound insights into the nature of reality

It’s common to receive an influx of deep understanding about your life and the universe during spiritual transformation. These epiphanies are often referred to as ‘cosmic downloads’ – it’s as if your head opens and you’re absorbing all there is to know about the Great Mystery. What was once hidden or obscured now becomes clear, and the puzzle pieces of your life begin to fit together.

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7. Energetic purging and detoxification

Perhaps one of the less enjoyable aspects of spiritual transformation is what I call energetic purging and detoxification. This purification is usually manifested in our bodies and can sometimes become quite disruptive.

Another name for this experience is undergoing a kundalini awakening where the primal life force energy rises within us, and with it, clears out old ‘energetic blockages.’ 

8. More inner security and trust in Life

Most of us live our lives in a state of near-constant anxiety. Even if we’re not consciously aware of this fear, it’s always lurking at a deeper subconscious level. During spiritual transformation, some (and in very rare cases, all) of this looming anxiety dissolves.

What we’re left with is more trust in the unfathomable wisdom of Life or the Divine. We understand that everything is working for us, not against us. This enhanced trust leads to feelings of greater inner security as we come to see that nothing can truly touch our Essence.

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9. Deepening love and compassion

What is Spiritual Transformation
What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving

Finally, we come to one of the most (if not the most) beautiful aspects of spiritual transformation: love. Our connection with our heart increases and sometimes expands to feelings of compassion for all beings. The hatred and resentment we once felt towards certain people bursts and is replaced with understanding, love, and oftentimes grief for their pain.

We experience what is known as Christ Consciousness (or Oneness) where we embrace and simultaneously mourn all beings. Of course, it’s common to experience varying degrees of this heartfulness ranging from more a heart-centered understanding to complete unconditional cosmic love. What’s most important is not how much we experience, but how deeply it impacts us and transforms our old patterns. 

In the end, spiritual transformation is not really something we can control: it is a gift from Life. It’s an organic result of turning inwards, healing our wounds, and seeking freedom. It’s also not something that lasts forever. We may experience a long or short period of transformation, but that will eventually fade away and be replaced with something new. Such is the nature of existence. 🙂

What has your experience of spiritual transformation been like? I’d love to hear below in the comments!

Written By: Aletheia Luna
Originally Appeared On: Lonerwolf.com
Republished with permission 
Spiritual Transformation Evolving
What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving
Spiritual Transformation Signs Evolving pin
What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving
What is Spiritual Transformation pinex
What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving
What is Spiritual Transformation pin
What is Spiritual Transformation? 9 Signs You’re Evolving
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