11 Signs Of Self-Pity And How To Overcome

Signs of Self Pity

8) Meditate

The method that the Buddha discovered is meditation
11 Signs Of Self-Pity And How To Overcome

Meditation is a miraculous cure for many mental ills, however, it does require patience and persistence. By meditating for just 10 minutes a day, you increase your ability to become self-aware, and thus your ability to catch yourself in the act of fulfilling self-pitying thoughts.

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9) Inner work

Inner work is an all-encompassing life practice that involves developing more self-awareness.

When we practice inner work, we consciously decide to go on a journey to reconnect with our inner needs, core wounds, and true life purpose.

A big part of inner work involves becoming aware of your shadow self and the way in which it undermines your life.

However, before diving into your shadow (which can be scary!) I recommend learning how to love yourself – it’s a crucial preliminary step.

10) Help those less fortunate than you

Volunteering helps put your life into perspective, encouraging you to appreciate what you have more. Volunteering also boosts self-esteem, confidence, and compassion – in short, it gets you out of self-pitying spirals!

11) Try to minimalize your environment

Cluttered and messy environments contribute to paranoia, hoarding tendencies, anxiety, and depression. By simplifying your environment, you may find that your psychological and emotional welfare is significantly increased.

12) Seek for inspiration in the words of others

There’s so much inspiration out there on the internet. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much every social network, blog, and microblog known to humanity have something uplifting to provide.

I personally gravitate to saving inspiring quotes because they’re so readily available.

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Why do we see these inspiring quotes everywhere? Answer: because we LOVE them.

We are deeply affected by the words of others. And sometimes, we find a quote that speaks to the deepest parts of our souls, a quote that changes us and revolutionizes the way we see everything.

So why not create a collection of your own inspirational quotes? One of my favourite ways is by creating themed boards on Pinterest.


Laugh at yourself and at life. Not in the spirit of derision or whining self-pity, but as a remedy, a miracle drug.
~ Og Mandino

Feeling sorry for yourself is normal.

But oftentimes this habit can cause us to avoid taking personal responsibility and bypass taking action.

Self-pity can also be a false substitute for love from others. But by learning how to practice self-care and adjust your mindset, you can create a life environment that nourishes and supports you in the deepest way.

If you’ve discovered that you struggle with this issue, be kind to yourself. Understand that self-pity is a maladaptive coping mechanism, but one that you can remove from your life with time, persistence, and patience.

Written by: Aletheia Luna
Originally appeared on: Loner Wolf
Republished with permission

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11 Signs Of Self-Pity And How To Overcome
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11 Signs Of Self-Pity And How To Overcome
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