Signs Of Reincarnation: Is Cellular Memory The Key To Our Past Lives?

Signs Of Reincarnation

Remembering our past life is a similar experience that raises more questions than the answers it provides. Most people seem to remember their past lives very vividly, some tend to have only sparks of memory from their previous lives, while most of us live our entire lives without any recollection of past lives or feeling that we are reincarnated.

The answer may lie in our karmic debts or maybe it was predetermined before we were reincarnated. What does that mean? If a criminal is executed for his crimes in his previous life, then he would have paid all his karmic dues and his past life will be closed with nothing to be carried over to his next life. On the contrary if an innocent man was convicted and executed, then they would have significant emotional scars like phobias & pain, and unpaid karmic dues that need to be paid in his next life.

Cellular memory can also remind of our past lives through birthmarks and recurring nightmares. Dreams can often result from cell memories that may remind us of upsetting events from our past lives.

As our subconscious mind consists of several suppressed memories, these usually come out in different ways after staying dormant for a long time. Unless we recognize and face our emotional issues, pains and fears from our previous lives, such memories will keep haunting us for a long time.


How you can know about your past life

Our mind, body and soul often reveals subtle clues about our previous lives.

These 7 signs of past life can offer you hints about who you were in your previous life and why you were reborn.

1. Birthmarks

This is one of the main physical signs of your past life. Most of us have either one or multiple birthmarks. Although we usually consider them as irrelevant and unimportant, these may hold the secret to uncovering truths from our past lives. Experts studying reincarnation claim that these marks may serve as physical evidence of rebirth. There are several documented cases that reveal similar patterns and marks on people who lived earlier.

Birthmarks can be related to reincarnation in 2 major ways. They might be an indication of an injury from a previous life, for instance a fatal wound that caused your death. If your birthmark is either brown or pink in color, then that is probably the area where you were injured in a past life. Another notion claims that birthmarks could be passed on from one life to the next one. It can help you identify similar marks on other individuals that might have been your past existence.

2. Bizarre Memories

Unusual and weird memories is perhaps the most common sign of past lives. These unfamiliar and detailed memories tend to surface at the oddest times. You may have certain memories from your childhood that never actually occurred. You can also remember places you have never been to and remember people that you have never met in your present life.

There’s a possibility that these can be merely false memories. But if you want to know whether they are related to your past life or not, you can conduct some research and find out if they actually exist in reality, like particular places or people or any other details that you may remember.

3. Déjà Vu

As mentioned earlier, deja vu can often be an indication of our past lives. Whenever you have a feeling of deja vu, consider it as a clue to how you lived in your previous life. As this sense is usually vague and fleeting, we are mostly unable to gather any concrete information from it. And hence it can be rather frustrating.

Deja vu can be triggered by a number of factors. Having a clear understanding of these factors and the triggers will eventually help you to discover and remember further memories and details from your past life. So when you have a feeling of deja vu next time, try to read the message and observe the trigger. And make sure to keep your mind open.

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