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13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It

Signs Negative Energy Get Rid Of It

4. You Have A Habit Of Ruminating

Rumination is known as a “silent” mental health problem. It’s a tendency to consider or examine attentively or deliberately something in one’s thoughts again and again without any conclusion or rapt absorption.

You are ruminating if you constantly think (consciously or unconsciously) about the person who bullied you in high school five years ago or abused by your partner when you were in a relationship or that one bad decision that caused an immense loss in business and so on.

Thinking and talking about the same negative events and stories over and over make you feel worse. Because you are reliving the same moment hundreds of times. In doing so, your body produces the same chemicals as when it happened, compounding the effects of negative energy in the body. 

Tips for addressing ruminating thoughts

  • Program your mind to think in a positive way. For example – instead of saying “my business is operating at loss”, say instead “I always do better than I did yesterday.”
  • Keep healthy distractions handy like board games, chess, favorite movie CD, college photo album, chocolates, books, and musical instruments.
  • Call your best friend forever  and speak about any random shit
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation 
  • Write down the triggers for rumination and take actionable solutions 
  • Accept what happened and let go of bad memories
  • Consult a mental health professional 

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5. You Look For Answers Outside Of Yourself.

If you are looking for answers outside of yourself, you will be prone to validation and criticism, which can increase negative energy in your life. You are the only one who can answer questions like – who am I? What is the purpose of my life? How can I be happy? All the answers can be found within ourselves. 

Steps to finding the answers within:

  • Allocate few minutes every day to connect with yourself 
  • Turn off phone, TV  and keep away other distractions 
  • Connect with your inner self 
  • Strengthen your third eye chakra by gently tapping the space in between your eyebrows while repeating five times aloud, “I am clear and I know my own voice.”
  • Ask questions to yourself
  • Be calm and allow the answers to come into your awareness
  • You have to really feel the answer, not just think it. 
  • Focus, trust, and practice 

6.  You’re Prone To Negative Thinking

When you have been through a lot of negative experiences in your life, it’s hard to think of positive thoughts. Negative anticipations, assumptions come naturally to you.

Only by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones you will develop a positive mental attitude. Thoughts create our reality, so positive thinking is important to reap short-term and long-term rewards. 

Don’t sit with a certain chain of thought for too long. Switch it up more often.
13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It

How to think positively?

  • Focus on all the good things in your life.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Try to find a silver lining in all the negative situations.
  • Practice positive self-talk.
  • Spend time with positive people.

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7. You Speak Before You Think

You are too reactive to think before you speak. You hurt others by saying anything and everything that comes to your mind only to regret it later. This tendency only fills your space with negative energy.

How to reverse it?

  • Recognize your triggers.
  • Take deep breaths. 
  • Become more responsive less reactive.
  • Practice coming from a place of love and understanding.
  • Observe and listen more 

8. You Are Too Hard On Yourself.

Do you put too much pressure on yourself about achieving your goals? Beat yourself up for silly mistakes in the past? It only increases negative energy, physical and mental stress. 

How to stop being hard on yourself?

  • Record your accomplishments 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others 
  • Stand up for what you believe even if it is not cool 
  • Accept your weaknesses and try to improve 
  • Look at your past as an adventure 
  • Don’t underestimate your talent 
  • Express your anger in a creative way like writing poems or drawing Mandalas 
  • Surround yourself with people who want you to be successful 
  • See yourself as a child suffering. Will you beat a child for mistakes? Never!
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Get up and try again.
13 Signs You Have Negative Energy and How To Get Rid Of It
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