10 Honest Signs Of Emotional Attraction

Signs Of Emotional Attraction

2. Do you feel emotionally compatible?

Do you share certain personal values and beliefs? When you share the same views about life, lifestyle and life goals with the person you’re emotionally attracted to, your relationship will become deeper. Feeling that you are emotionally compatible will make you feel more connected to them.

3. Do you make frequent eye contact?

It may seem something unimportant, but making meaningful eye contact frequently means you share a special emotional connection with a person. When you look at their eyes while talking, it means you are interested in them. Life Coach & Relationship Expert says “When you relate to the other person with genuine empathy and positive regard, an emotional connection can be made.” And that often starts with a simple yet meaningful eye contact.

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4. Do you have regular late night conversations?

If you find yourself in long 2 am conversations with this person over the phone on a daily basis, then it’s a prominent sign of emotional connection. As we are most vulnerable at this time, we end up sharing our innermost thoughts, beliefs and emotions about relationships, ourselves and life. This forms a unique connection that strengthens the relationship. Ewing adds “Those long late-night conversations about your families, high school heartbreaks, and the like, are full of shared emotional experiences that deepen connection.

5. Do you want to share interests and experiences with them?

According to Bustle, turning your shared interests into shared experiences is one of the signs of emotional attraction. If you like to do something, like exercising, then sharing that experience with that person can surely create more emotional attraction. Shared interests and experiences can take your relationship or friendship to the next level.

6. Are you comfortable sharing sensitive personal details?

When we develop a strong emotional connection with someone, we become more open to sharing vulnerable personal information with them. This means talking about our flaws, mistakes, insecurities, and other private details about ourselves. When you share such intimate information with someone, it implies a deep level of trust between you and the other person. Mental health counselor Lily Ewing explains “Any time you’re sharing or listening to vulnerable personal details, emotional connection and attraction grow.

7. Do you ever get sick of them?

If you never get tired of that person despite how much time you spend with each other, then it means you are emotionally attracted to each other. You just enjoy their company and feel comfortable around them even if you’re not doing anything special or exciting.

8. Do you love spending more time with them?

When we like someone, we want to be around them more often as they make us feel better and happier. Being around the person you’re emotionally attracted to can help to deepen the bond and connection your share with them. Online Dating Coach Andi Forness believes that using our 5 senses can help to deepen that connection. Being physically present with them or talking to them over the phone or video chatting can enhance emotional attraction.

9. Do you think about them all the time?

If you keep wondering about them while at work, school or doing some chores, then you are mentally and emotionally drawn to them. It’s because of the way they make you feel, you keep thinking about them most of the time and replay what you talked about last time.

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10. Do you feel that they understand you?

When you have this feeling that they know you better than others, it is a strong sign that you have developed a profound emotional connection with them. When you share an emotional bond, you will feel heard, seen, and understood.

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