17 Unique Warning Signs Of Complex PTSD

Warning Signs Of Complex PTSD

13. You don’t want to exist anymore

Unlike people with depression, you may not have suicidal thoughts and tendencies. But your trauma and anxiety can be so damaging & frustrating that it makes you want to cease to exist. You believe it would have been better if you were never born.

14. You lose your systems of meanings

Systems of meaning are your religious faiths, values, beliefs, hopes and perceptions about people, spirituality and the world in general. Complex PTSD can make you experience a strong sense of hopelessness and despair about people and the world. It can also make you doubt previously-held core beliefs and question yourself.

15. You are very rigid

Stiffness is an integral aspect of your personality. You are not very flexible about your routines and find it hard to adjust to change. Your fear of change makes you rigid and you want to have complete control over your environment to protect yourself from any looming disorder. This makes you very organized and obsessed with perfection and order.

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17 Unique Warning Signs Of Complex PTSD

16. You are a workaholic

You work excessively to drown out your fears, worries and anxieties. Keeping yourself constantly busy with work makes you feel safe as it keeps these thoughts away. You also believe that being successful, rich and popular will make you feel respected and reassured. But you can never feel that way. Although a room full of people may applaud you, you are constantly worried about that one person who may mock you. Your low self-esteem and high self-disgust constantly makes you feel on edge. Staying away from work, holidays and retirement can seem like a nightmare.

17. You become preoccupied with your abuser

Complex PTSD can often distort your perception of the abuser and influence your relationship with them. You may become obsessed with your abuser, completely submit yourself to their will or become fixated on getting revenge for the trauma and abuse.

Complex PTSD is treatable

17 Unique Warning Signs Of Complex PTSD

If you can relate to more than seven of these warning signs then it’s time to pay attention and consult a mental health professional immediately. You don’t have to allow those traumatic events to dictate the rest of your life or affect your mental and physical health any longer. Despite the tragedy that you may have experienced, Complex PTSD can be overcome through a combination of therapy and medication. 

If you or someone you know has experienced repeated, prolonged trauma and are struggling with any of these symptoms, then make sure to seek help from a qualified mental health professional.

Although your healing journey may be long and difficult, it will guide you out of the darkness of trauma and help you find your genuine self once again.

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  1. Wow! I absolutely love what’s written! Yes. Somehow, it’ shows just how much we can suffer over prolonged years of trauma…even with neccessary treatment, not always does the memories eradicate, they always seem to resurface…

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