9 Signs You Are Ready For A New Relationship

With time though, you start respecting your hobbies once more and seek out for more pursuits in the long run.

The more you start engaging with your hobbies, the more you get to understand your worth as an individual, which the toxic relationship has robbed you of.

You start rebuilding yourself by engaging in pleasurable activities that tells you about your self-worth –  completing an artwork, writing a piece, baking a cake, doing embroidery etc.


6. You get back on the groove with friends.

People often isolate themselves when in bad relationships because they don’t want to be an emotional bargain on their friends and keep ranting about their pain. We never want people to see our vulnerable self.

With time, however, those changes and our past situations give a way to new ones.

If you are feeling the urge to make new friends and remove fences, it means you are finally believing in life again.


7. Your health starts to improve.

One of the first signs of moving in the right direction is about a decrease in stress levels.

When you are under constant stress and prolonged deteriorated state of mind, your body is depleted of all the resources it had, to let you survive trough the bad times.

Once your surroundings start to show positive changes, your body starts to reveal positive reactions too. It is inversely proportional to self-care.

You might also lose weight and get active. All this indicates a spurt in happiness.


8. You again give romance a shot.

When you were in a bad relationship, you probably were not giving much of a shot to romance.

Romantic escapades and positivity seemed a far cry. With time, you may come out of that phase and seek intimacy again. You mind set about love is no more negative ; you believe that you deserve another shot at romance and love.

You are happy again and fantasize about closeness.


9. You start feeling hopeful.

Hope does not spring when you are in bad company. It all looks lonely, scary and gloomy. You no longer feel like your life has come to a standstill. You feel that the break up was a lesson to learn from and be wise.

But if you are feeling that your choices are making you happy and solitude makes you empowered, you are on the road to start afresh.

You don’t wake up one fine morning to realize you are ready to start afresh. Its a gradual but sure process which takes lot of faith and patience.


“In every end, there is also a beginning.” 
― Libba Bray, A Great and Terrible Beauty


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Signs You Are Ready For A New Relationship


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