10 Signs You Need To Take Care Of Yourself (And How To Start)

10 Signs You Need To Take Care Of Yourself (And How To Start)

Now, I know it’s alright if I don’t get everything done. There is always tomorrow and the next day for that matter.

2. Schedule time slots when you don’t work

You don’t have to have every time slot on your calendar filled with work. This may make you feel more productive, but you aren’t giving yourself a break. This will definitely lead to burning out in the long run.

You can set one up in the morning, the middle of the day and in the evening. You can start small, if you’d like, with 5-10 minutes. When you take this time you can’t work or even think about work. Go for a walk or just sit and relax.

I started this a while ago and it has changed my life. I no longer feel fatigued in the middle of the day, and I am actually more productive.

3. Get enough sleep

“Love yourself instead of abusing yourself.” – Karolina Kurkova

Research has found that more sleep equates to happiness. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more forgetful and irritable. This also affects your work and home life.

Set up a sleep schedule. Try to go to bed at a regular time and get up at a regular time. But, try not to stress over the sleep schedule. There will be times that it doesn’t work out and that is alright.

4. Spend time with friends and family

These are the people that support you the most. The next time you are feeling stressed out, give one of them a call. Instead of talking about what is stressing you out, talk about what you like.

Let them know about the latest podcast you just heard or about the friendly guy you were talking to in the grocery store line.

If you can’t think of anything, then invite them out on a fun adventure like going on a hike or watching a funny movie.

Loving yourself means accepting your weaknesses as parts of yourself you are still working to improve and celebrating your strengths. Do that for those around you, and you’ll find that life is filled with joy.” – Yee Shun-Jian

5. Get outside

Take in the fresh air and sunshine and get out into nature. The outdoors is great for your mental health. Notice the environment you are in.

If you see a pretty flower, stop and look at it. Take a picture, if you’d like. Notice the detail of the bark on the trees or how the squirrels run up and down them. If there is water around, stop and look at how the sun glistens on the water.

You can also ride your bike if you’d like. Just get outside and stop thinking about work and family. This is a great time to embrace the present.

Now that you have this self-care checklist, it’s time to start making self-care a priority and then stop feeling guilty about it. Take a look at the big picture. Eventually, you will get the things you want in life. But, you do need to give it some time.

What’s important is that you are having fun along the way.

Here’s an excellent video about what self-care actually is that you may find helpful:

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” – Janis Joplin

Stress and anxiety can affect our body, mind, and soul in ways we might not even realize. Now that you have identified that you are not taking enough care of yourself and know how to get started, it’s time to make some changes in your life. Better self-care can completely transform your mindset and enable you to live a life that you deserve. Do whatever you need to do. Eat healthier. Sleep earlier. Get some exercise. Anything that works for you. But be honest with yourself and give yourself the love you need.

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